Xfce Power Manager Dpms

Xfce Power Manager Dpms

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Snap Safe Tsa Padlock 2-Pack
Snap Safe Tsa Padlock 2-Pack

Keep unwanted visitors from rifling through your stuff with the all-metal TSA-approved padlock. With a 4-digit combination you can have peace of mind while at home or on the road. Statistically, 4-digit locks are 10 times harder to crack than 3-digit locks. TSA-approved locks allow TSA screeners to inspect luggage without damaging the locks. 4-digit combination all-metal TSA-approved padlock Stainless steel hasps Set your own combination Keep people you don't want touching your stuff securely locked out, but allow those who protect the skies to do their job easily. Mfg: Snap SafeCheck price and Read more Detail At Snap Safe

N.C. Ordnance Reproduction
N.C. Ordnance Reproduction "exotic" Revolver Grips - Ruger Old Model 3 Screw Xr3 Frame Grips

Elegant-looking reproductions of exotic grips for single-action revolvers look and feel like the hard-wearing stag antlers, jigged bone, or ivory used to customize original Old West sixguns. Produced by the same proprietary resin molding process N.C. Ordnance uses on all its reproduction grips for a solid feel and attractive finish. Mfg: N.C. Ordnance SPECS: Molded polyurethane resin, in simulated Stag, Ivory, or Jigged Bone (JB). Minor fitting may be required. Colt SAA Ivory includes gold medallion. Ruger Vaquero also fits Blackhawk and Single Six. Ruger Old Model fits old model three-screw Blackhawk frames. Ruger Vaquero StagCheck price and Read more Detail At N.C. Ordnance

Nosler Nosler Accubond Bullets - 375 Caliber (0.375
Nosler Nosler Accubond Bullets - 375 Caliber (0.375") 300gr Spitzer 50/Box

Nosler AccuBond bullets are built with a proprietary bonding process that eliminates voids in the bullet core. AccuBond marries Nosler's traditional copper alloy jacket with its special lead alloy core. The polymer tip improves accuracy and ballistic performance. The result is a hunting bullet that flies true, penetrates deep, retains its weight and won't cause extensive fouling. 50 count box. Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

Muddy River Tactical Water Buffalo Soft Leather Iwb Holsters - Springfield Xd 3   Soft Leather Iwb Holster
Muddy River Tactical Water Buffalo Soft Leather Iwb Holsters - Springfield Xd 3 Soft Leather Iwb Holster

Muddy River Tactical is here to change the game for Soft Sided Holsters! Made of natural Water Buffalo Hide, the Muddy River Tactical Soft Leather Inside the Waistband Holster is made to last a lifetime! These IWB Leather Holsters are handcrafted from start to finish. Starting with the cutting, through the sewing to create the top quality product and attention to detail that you all have come to expect from Muddy River Tactical. The leather is 4 to 5 ounce natural water buffalo that will give you an extremely soft, thin, and comfortable Inside the Waistband holster option. The belt clip is metal to give you the securement and strength you need in this style holster. &nbs Mfg: Muddy River TacticalCheck price and Read more Detail At Muddy River Tactical

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