Types Neck Die Sets Bushing Style Bruno Shooters Supply

Types Neck Die Sets Bushing Style Bruno Shooters Supply

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Barnes Mutli-Purpose Green (Mpg) 6.8mm (0.277
Barnes Mutli-Purpose Green (Mpg) 6.8mm (0.277") Bullets - 6.8mm (0.277") 85gr Hollow Point Flat Base 100/Box

Barnes offers bullets featuring Multi-Purpose Green (MPG) technology developed for military and law enforcement applications. MPG bullets feature a highly frangible, powdered-metal copper-tin core inside a guilding metal jacket. Unlike frangible bullets lacking a protective jacket, MPG bullets remain intact under the rigors of handling, feeding and firing. This eliminates the primary cause of jammed actions and plugged barrels often experienced when firing frangible ammunition. The 55-grain 5.56mm (.224) MPG bullet is designed for M4, HK416 and AR-15 type autoloaders and other firearms with rifling twist rates of 1:9" or faster. A 150-grain 7.62mm (.308) version is Mfg: Barnes BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Barnes Bullets

Tandemkross Ruger Mark Iv 22/45
Tandemkross Ruger Mark Iv 22/45 "markpro" Magazine Bumper 2-Pk - Ruger Mkiv 22/45 "markpro" Magazine Bumber 2pk

The Tandemkross MarkPRO Magazine Bumper for the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 helps you seat the magazine consistently and positively in the magwell. The flush bottom of the factory Mark IV 22/45 magazine means you sometimes don't push the mag fully home on the first try. The result: your pistol won't chamber the first round - a serious handicap during competition. The MarkPRO prevents that and also gives you something to grab to quickly remove an empty mag from the gun. Tandemkross molds MarkPRO magazine bumpers from tough DuPont Zytel nylon polymer that is pretty much indestructible and has enough compressibility to protect your mag from dama Mfg: TandemkrossCheck price and Read more Detail At Tandemkross

Egw Eaa Tanfoglio Witness Trijicon Rmr Sight Mount
Egw Eaa Tanfoglio Witness Trijicon Rmr Sight Mount

Material: 7075 Aluminum Coating: Matte Black Hardcoat Overall Length: 1.780" Overall Width: 1.1" Mounting Hardware: (2) 6-32 Flat Head Screws, (1) 6-32 X 3/16 Set Screw Red Dot Fitment: Trijicon RMR, Holosun HS507C This mounts fits: Baby Desert Eagle (Post 2006) EAA Witness Elite Match This mount does not fit: Rock Island 1911s Simply remove the rear sight on your gun and replace it with our mount in order to mount your Trijicon RMR red dot sight. No alterations are required. You can take our mount off and replace your rear sight at any time. Mounting hardware included. Installation Instructions Remove the rear sigh Mfg: EgwCheck price and Read more Detail At Egw

Brownells Torx Head Scope Ring & Base Screw Kit - T-10 Refill Pak 6-40x1/2
Brownells Torx Head Scope Ring & Base Screw Kit - T-10 Refill Pak 6-40x1/2"xfh Fits Handgun Ribs

A TORX head lets you set a screw down tight without the bit slipping and damaging the screw slot. They give your work a clean, finished appearance. We've included T-10 and T-15 TORX sizes for use in different applications. T-10 gives you plenty of additional wall thickness where the head joins the shank; T-15 has a large socket that accepts the same driver supplied with many popular brands of rings and bases. You get an economically priced assortment of 240 screws, all made right here in the USA. 1 dozen each of 20 different screws; 11 Fillister Head and 9 Weaver Oval Head styles in 3 thread sizes and 4 lengths, all in a sturdy, compartmented box. For those special jobs we have Mfg: Brownells SPECS: U.S.-made, quality screws, with the same head/shape specs as the Slotted Sight Base Screws. T-10, T-15 TORX socket. Blued. Kit includes: (1) T-10 and (1) T-15 TORX wrench, 240 screws, compartmented kit box, Tweezers, Checker/Shortener Jig and Application Chart showing bases/rings/ribs/etc.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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