Target Cartwheel

Target Cartwheel

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Lyman E-Zee Trimmer - Lyman
Lyman E-Zee Trimmer - Lyman "e-Zee" Trim Handgun Set

Lyman Introduces a case trimming system for the reloader interested in economy or prefering to have an individual precision hand system for each caliber. The EZEE TRIM case trimming system allows the user to trim cases by hand or with a power attachment (included) to precise pre-set length. The trimmer comes with a case locking device, cutter, trim-to length pilot, cutterhead and both hand and power trimming adapters. The trimmer works with any standard shell holder including Lyman, redding, RCBS, Hornady and Lee Precision. Assembles in seconds and you are ready to trim cases. The EZEE-TRIM system comes in three practical variations. EZEE TRIM Rifle set- Includes hand trimmer, power adapt Mfg: LymanCheck price and Read more Detail At Lyman

Triumph Twist Drill Fractional Drills - Jobber Length - 3/16
Triumph Twist Drill Fractional Drills - Jobber Length - 3/16" .1875"

A heavy-duty drill can make all the difference in the world in your work. The extra engineering and care in manufacture will help you to drill cleaner, more accurate holes, and many more of them at that. All the Drills we carry, Sets, Individuals, Jobber Length and Short Length, are made from High Speed Steel with a 135 self-centering point. Special point and surface treatments (Maxi-Set not treated) give easier, more wear-resistant drilling of the tough steels encountered in the gun shop. Mfg: Triumph Twist Drill Co. SPECS: High speed steel.Check price and Read more Detail At Triumph Twist Drill Co.

Hogue Monogrips - Rubber Grip Fits Ruger Super Blackhawk, Blac
Hogue Monogrips - Rubber Grip Fits Ruger Super Blackhawk, Blac

One-piece construction keeps the grip rock-solid on the frame - no shift or wobble to destroy concentration and accuracy. Ergonomic design positions right- or left-hand exactly, shot after shot; plus helps absorb recoil. Nylon and rubber grips feature a stippled surface that stops hand slip without causing clothing wear when carried in a holster. Rubber, Round-To-Square grips give the appearance and feel of a comfortable, hand-filing square grip on factory, round-grip frames. Mfg: Hogue SPECS: Nylon molded and reinforced, a hard, tough grip. Rubber molded from recoil-absorbing rubber. Blackhawk fits new model Blackhawk, new model Single Six, and old, large frame Vaquero.Check price and Read more Detail At Hogue

Brownells 1911 Extractor - 80 Series Extractor, Bl
Brownells 1911 Extractor - 80 Series Extractor, Bl

Machined steel extractors for 70 and 80 series 1911 pistols are hardened and heat-treated for consistent operation in competitive and tactical use. Available in blue or stainless steel. Stainless models have a unique copper color from the heat-treating process. Leave as is or off for a more traditional look. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Heat-treated machined steel. Blue (BL) or stainless steel (SS). Available for 70 & 80 series pistols, .45 ACP.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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