Tommy Gun Historic Price

Tommy Gun Historic Price

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Pana Vise Pana-Vise No. 400 Heavy Duty Base - No. 343 Nylon Jaws
Pana Vise Pana-Vise No. 400 Heavy Duty Base - No. 343 Nylon Jaws

Variable load control knob gives full range of adjustments. NO. 400 Heavy Duty Base handles larger, heavier objects than the No. 300 base. Accepts only the No. 437 Head. Mfg: Pana Vise SPECS: 4-1⁄8" (10.5cm) square, 3" (8.3cm) tall. 1.5 lbs. (680 g).Check price and Read more Detail At Pana Vise

Criterion Barrels Inc 308 Ar Chrome Lined Barrels - .308 Ar 20
Criterion Barrels Inc 308 Ar Chrome Lined Barrels - .308 Ar 20" Hybrid Rifle, Chrome-Lined

Criterion Hybrid contour match grade .308 AR barrels offer an ideal configuration for those seeking extreme accuracy without the added weight of a heavy barrel contour. These .308 AR barrels feature a M118LR chamber. The longer throat of the M118LR enables Criterion .308 AR barrels to improve upon the performance of loads utilizing heavier bullets, serving to reduce wind drift when fired at longer ranges. This configuration is designed to accommodate either .308 Winchester or 7.62x51 ammunition, and comes complete with an installed barrel extension. CBI .308 AR barrels are compatible with DPMS, Remington, and Fulton pattern rifles, and accept muzzle devices with a 5/8x24 threa Mfg: Criterion Barrels Inc SPECS: Fits - DPMS pattern 308 rifles. Contour - Hybrid. Cartridge - 308 Winchester. Finish - Parkerized with Chrome Bore & Chamber. Muzzle Threads - 5/8-24. Gas Block Diameter - .750".Check price and Read more Detail At Criterion Barrels Inc

Briley 1911 Spherical Bushing - .579
Briley 1911 Spherical Bushing - .579" Government Oversized Bushing & Ring

Separate, ultra-hard, spherical, internal ring pivots on its horizontal axis inside the unique, precision-machined bushing. Absolutely prevents barrel spring. Provides the easiest, longest wearing, closest fitting barrel bushing setup available. Models available to fit full-size Government or Commander pistols, in two configurations: Drop-in Bushing/Ring requires no fitting on the O.D. Oversized Bushing/Ring has an oversized skirt that requires turning to fit most slides. I.D.'s of Govt. Oversize bushing skirts are threaded to accept the exclusive Briley Bushing Mandrel that makes turning the O.D. in a lathe simple and fast. Comm. Oversize Bushings are not threaded for use with the mandre Mfg: Briley SPECS: Bushing - 17-4 stainless steel. Ring - 17-4 stainless steel, titanium nitrited to Rc 60. Drop-in - .698" (17mm) O.D. Oversized - .703" (17.8mm) O.D. Bushing Mandrel - Stainless steel, 2" (5cm) long. To select correct bushing, measure barrel O.D. and select Bushing/Ring .001" larger than baCheck price and Read more Detail At Briley

Bulls Bag Field Camo Poly Bag W/Carry Strap 10
Bulls Bag Field Camo Poly Bag W/Carry Strap 10" - 10" Field Bag With Carry Strap, Camo

Military spec D rings and black carry strap Internal military grade Velcro no leak filling spout and seams Butterfly rifle rest hinge action allows for a rock-steady shooting platform Pre-filled with 23 pounds of cat litter, walnut, and corncob media to absorb shot vibration Cradle height approximately 3.5 inches Dimensions when filled: 8x10x12 inches Lifetime manufacturer's guarantee against wear and tearThe Uncle Buds Field Camo Poly Bag with Strap is packed with great features so you hit the target every time. This shooting rest is comfortable and lightweight, which makes it easy to change your firing position on the run. The black suede top g Mfg: Bulls Bag SPECS: Moisture-resistant UV coating, Woodland camo design, 9-inch black suede leather top, Military spec D rings, Black carry strap, Designed for field or bench shooting, Internal military grade Velcro no leak filling spout and seams, butterfly rifle rest, Pre-filled with 23 pounds of media, DimensCheck price and Read more Detail At Bulls Bag

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