Windham Src For Sale

Windham Src For Sale

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Berger Bullets Hybrid Target 30 Caliber (0.308
Berger Bullets Hybrid Target 30 Caliber (0.308") Hybrid Boat Tail Bullets - 30 Caliber (0.308") 215gr Hybrid Boat Tail 100/Box

Bergers Hybrid design blends the best of both worlds by incorporating two different shapes within the nose. As the bearing surface ends, a tangent ogive begins. This tangent section of the ogive results in the bullet being much less sensitive to seating depth. As you move forward along the tangent portion, the shape changes into a secant ogive (the shape used on the VLD bullets). This shape is very efficient in the wind and is why the VLD became so popular. The key to all this is not just the combining of these two shapes but also the partnership between the ballistician and the bullet maker. Berger's Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz uses his expertise to combine the appropriate shape Mfg: Berger BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Berger Bullets

Brownells Gunsmith Kinks Volume Iii
Brownells Gunsmith Kinks Volume Iii

I know you're going to love this book - period. That's not saying it's better than Kinks and Kinks II, because they are both fantastic in their own right. Gunsmith Kinks III continues their legacy of being the finest collection of experience you need to make your gunsmithing, gun-loving and gun-fiddling more rewarding, more fun and more successful. Following the highly acclaimed Gunsmith Kinks and Gunsmith Kinks II, this latest addition to the collection brings you all the Kinks, cures to problems, jigs and fixtures, shop suggestions, cartoons and jokes that appeared in the Newsletter during the 10 years since Kinks II was published. Plu Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Krieger Benchrest Barrel Blanks - 6mm Light Varmint 1-14
Krieger Benchrest Barrel Blanks - 6mm Light Varmint 1-14" Twist 4 Groove 29" Blank

Krieger stainless steel competition rifle barrels usually appear on the top finisher's equipment lists in benchrest, high power, long range, and Palma competitions. Many top gunsmiths are recommending Krieger barrels because of their consistent quality and performance. This consistent performance is due to a combination of the processes Krieger employs - from 416 stainless steel made to their own specifications, the singe-point cut - rifling method used to rifle the barrels and the cryogenic treatment each barrel relieves before it is machined. We currently stock four different target style barrel blanks: 6mm Light Varmint Benchrest; .237inch bore, 29 inch blank 1:14 twist 1.2 inch br Mfg: Krieger Barrels, IncCheck price and Read more Detail At Krieger Barrels, Inc

Sinclair International Stainless Steel Neck Turning Mandrels - 17 Caliber (.170
Sinclair International Stainless Steel Neck Turning Mandrels - 17 Caliber (.170") Stainless Neck Turning Mandrel

Sinclair stainless steel neck turning and expander mandrels for 17 through 50 caliber cartridges are turned from high grade stainless steel on precision turning centers. Turning mandrels are sized .002 inch under bullet diameter and expander mandrels are .001 inch under bullet diameter. The shape and surface of all mandrels is the result of years of experimenting by many expert handloaders. Our Carbide turning mandrels are precision ground from solid carbdie stock, which yields even closer tolerances. All carbide mandrels are ground to.002 inch under bullet diameter. Adjustments on our NT-4000 turning tool will be more consistent with carbide mandrels due to the tighter tolerances of the man Mfg: Sinclair InternationalCheck price and Read more Detail At Sinclair International

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