What Is The Best Assault Rifle To Buy

What Is The Best Assault Rifle To Buy

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Spuhr Quick Detach Isms Qdp Mount - 34mm 1.5
Spuhr Quick Detach Isms Qdp Mount - 34mm 1.5" 0 Moa Qdp Mount

The Spuhr QDP Mount is an extremely sturdy one-piece scope mount that clamps directly to any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny receiver rail or base. It combines the rock-solid stability of Spuhr's proven Ideal Scope Mounting System (ISMS) with easy-to-operate quick-release levers that let you attach and remove the Spuhr QDP Mount from your rifle with the mount and the scope as a single unit. The Spuhr QDP Mount has 45-degree split rings designed so the bulkiest part of the rings is not in your line of sight of the scope turrets. Another innovation is a bubble level built into the base to help you make sure the rifle is perfectly level, helping you control another important variable in lo Mfg: SpuhrCheck price and Read more Detail At Spuhr

Redding Seater Dies - Seater Die 30 Rem
Redding Seater Dies - Seater Die 30 Rem

The Redding Seating Die includes bullet guide, built-in crimp ring and the proper seating plug. All dies are made using the finest alloy steels obtainable and machined on Hardinge Super-Precision lathes capable of holding the tightest tolerances in the industry. Heat treated in atmospherically controlled furnaces and hand polished for smooth, flawless functioning, these dies will maintain tolerances and last a lifetime. Inspected and ultrasonically cleaned before packaging. Mfg: ReddingCheck price and Read more Detail At Redding

Weaver Tactical Scope Rings - 1
Weaver Tactical Scope Rings - 1" Tactical Rings, Extra-High

Oversized rings provide extra contact area for ultra-secure mounting of large optics on hard-recoiling, long-range rifles such as sniper rifles. Fits all Weaver-style bases. Six no-strip, no-slip Torx screws hold down the ring cap to ensure the scope keeps its position even under heavy recoil. Oversize hex nuts allow quick removal or attachment of optics in dynamic situations. Mfg: Weaver SPECS: Aluminum, hardcoat anodized, matte black. Height measured from top of base to underside of scope body. 1" High - .400" high. Accepts scopes with objectives up to 44mm dia. 1" Extra High - .525" high. Accepts objectives up to 50mm dia. 30mm High - .495" high. Accepts oCheck price and Read more Detail At Weaver

Brownells 100% Cotton Twill Patches - 1-1/8
Brownells 100% Cotton Twill Patches - 1-1/8" Round, Fits .22-.25 Cal.

Long fiber cotton and a twill weave create a "hard" finish with plenty of criss-crossed, woven, "teeth" for an aggressive scrubbing action that removes heavy fouling and works great for applying cold blues, too. Lint is virtually eliminated; you can apply oil in action recesses without leaving patch fuzz behind. Sizes are smaller since patches are thicker. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Sold in packages of 1000.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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