Walther Ppk W Germany

Walther Ppk W Germany

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Agency Arms Drop-In Trigger For Glock Red - Drop-In Trigger For Glock 9/40, Red
Agency Arms Drop-In Trigger For Glock Red - Drop-In Trigger For Glock 9/40, Red

Installing a Red Flat-Faced Trigger Kit from Agency Arms is the quickest, easiest way to make a major upgrade to the performance of your Glock. By a special arrangement with the folks at Agency, Brownells is the ONLY place where you want get this special edition of the flat-faced trigger with an eye-catching, red anodized finish on the trigger shoe. The Red Flat-Face Trigger is a drop-in upgrade - meaning you can do it yourself in a few minutes - that gives your Glock a noticeably smoother trigger pull with minimal pre-travel and a short, snappy, positive reset. A high-polish trigger bar and a Glock factory "minus" trigger connector work together to produce a consistent, ev Mfg: Agency Arms LlcCheck price and Read more Detail At Agency Arms Llc

Brownells Scope Alignment Rods - 1
Brownells Scope Alignment Rods - 1" Scope Alignment Rods

Easily and quickly align scope and rings with perfect accuracy before mounting and "dinging" the scope. Clamp one rod in each ring; if the points don't touch, they're out of alignment. The cause could be mismatched rings, the wrong bases, bases that need shimming or a "tweaked" action. Well worth the small cost and time required to prevent damaging a scope. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 4¼" (10.7mm) long each. 1" (25.4mm) or 30mm (1.18") diameter. Machined aluminum.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Brownells Stainless Steel Roll Pin Kit - 3/32
Brownells Stainless Steel Roll Pin Kit - 3/32" Dia., 5/16" (8mm) Length Roll Pins, Qty 36

With the increasing use of roll pins in guns, we've been looking for a good assortment of them in stainless steel to offer. Finally found it - with 850 pins in 8 diameters and various lengths (see below). Should take care of most gun needs!Great for other shop jobs too. Make jigs, fixtures, or use to replace taper pins, dowels, groove pins, set screws, etc. Will not slip or vibrate out. Easy to use, as require no threading or taping. Can be cut to any length. Use the Roll Pin Punches for positive, safe removal. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Kit (and Refill Paks) includes: 192 total 1/16" (1.6mm) diameter pins; 180 total 5/64" (2mm) diameter pins; 144 total 3/32" (2.4mm) diameter pins; 96 total 1/8" (3.2mm) diameter pins; 144 total 5/32" (2mm) diameter pins; 36 total 3/16" (4.8mm)diameter pins; 36 total 7/32" (5.6mm) diaCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Wilson Combat Ar-15/M16 Tactical Trigger Unit - Tr-Ttu Tactical Trigger Unit
Wilson Combat Ar-15/M16 Tactical Trigger Unit - Tr-Ttu Tactical Trigger Unit

Drop-in trigger module fits any mil-spec small-pin AR-15 and delivers a light, superbly crisp trigger pull right from the box, with no adjustment or fine-tuning. Crisp, 4-lb. pull is safe enough for tactical operations and combat, yet light enough to ensure an ultra-clean break that's closer to a bolt action than a typical tactical rifle. Exceptionally short, positive reset gets you back on target and ready to take the next shot almost instantly. Unique hammer geometry keeps weight to a minimum for ultra-fast lock time, yet provides plenty of kick to ensure reliable ignition, even on hard military primers. A secondary "rescue" sear grabs the hammer if the primary sear fa Mfg: Wilson Combat SPECS: Trigger/Hammer/Sear Hardened tool steel, matte gray finish. Housing Aluminum, anodized, matte black. Fits AR-15 with .154" trigger and hammer pins. Includes two .154" pins and installation instructions.Check price and Read more Detail At Wilson Combat

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