Russian Sniper Rifle New

Russian Sniper Rifle New

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Nosler 270 Winchester Brass Case - 270 Winchester Brass 50/Box
Nosler 270 Winchester Brass Case - 270 Winchester Brass 50/Box

Nosler takes a few extra steps with their brass to make it a premium component for the handloader. The brass is first weigh-sorted to within + or - 0.5 grains, then the flash holes are deburred. Nosler completes the case prep with neck sizing and chamfering the inside and outside of the case mouth. All Nosler unprimed brass bears the Nosler headstamp. Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

Hornady Ftx 348 Caliber (0.348
Hornady Ftx 348 Caliber (0.348") Flex Tip Expanding Bullets - 348 Caliber (0.348") 200gr Flex Tip Expanding 100/Box

The Hornady FTX bullets have the patented Flex Tip design rendering them safe in tubular magazines found on most lever action guns. The Flex Tip technology delivers excellent terminal performance and controlled expansion across a broad range of velocities. Upon impact, the soft tip compresses into the bullet, initiating immediate expansion that transfers energy to the target for quick kills. The famous Interlock feature, locks the core and jacket, eliminating core and jacket expansion. The Hornady FTX delivers the flattest trajectories from both lever guns and revolvers alike. Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Odin Works Ar-15 Atlas Compensator - Ar-15 Atlas Compensator 7.62mm 5/8
Odin Works Ar-15 Atlas Compensator - Ar-15 Atlas Compensator 7.62mm 5/8"-24 Black Nitride Ss

With fits for many of today's popular calibers, ranging from .223 all the way up to 9mm, the ODIN Works ATLAS Compensator provides options for shooters looking to reduce the felt recoil experienced in their AR-style platform, whether it's an AR-15, an AR 308 or a pistol-caliber carbine. Each ODIN Works ATLAS Compensator is machined from stainless steel and treated with a black-nitride finish to prevent wear and corrosion. The compensator includes a timing sleeve machined from titanium, which prevents users from having to use shims or crush washers to properly orient their muzzle device. The overall length of the compensator ranges from 2.5 inches for 9mm compensators to 3.06 Mfg: Odin Works Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Odin Works Inc.

Rcbs 224 Valkyrie Neck Die
Rcbs 224 Valkyrie Neck Die

he RCBS .224 Valkyrie Neck Die is designed specifically to give reloaders more flexibility in their reloading abilities, enabling them to resize only the case neck without working the case shoulder or body. The neck sizing die also deprimes the cartridge case, thanks to an included expander-decapping unit. Mfg: RcbsCheck price and Read more Detail At Rcbs

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