Rural King Ammo

Rural King Ammo

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Steiner Optics Mrs- Micro Reflex Sight - Mrs - Micro Reflex Sight
Steiner Optics Mrs- Micro Reflex Sight - Mrs - Micro Reflex Sight

The MRS is perfect for engaging moving targets and for rapid-fire situations. Its unlimited eye relief allows the operator to engage targets with both eyes open for wide peripheral vision and greater situational awareness. Low profile, the MRS balances nicely on any shooting platform. 3 MOA red dot is easy to find and won't obscure targets at longer distances. Fully adjustable for windage and elevations with 1 MOA click and 30 clicks of adjustment in either direction. The red dot can be set for automatic illumination control or manually adjusted through three brightness levels. Integrated screw mount attaches easily to any MIL-STD 1913 rail or other sight platform. Powder by one CR163 Mfg: Steiner OpticsCheck price and Read more Detail At Steiner Optics

Smith & Alexander 1911 Mainspring Housing - Checkered Mainspring Housing, Bl/Fl Fits Gm
Smith & Alexander 1911 Mainspring Housing - Checkered Mainspring Housing, Bl/Fl Fits Gm

The combat shooters choice for increased grip and comfort. Helps keep the gun from shifting in your hand during recoil. Made from solid steel. Checkered models feature machine cut checkering in 20 lines per inch. Smooth models, with no checkering for concealed carry use, available to fit the 1911 Auto Government Model, and Para-Ordnance P-10/P-12. No fitting required. Mfg: Smith & Alexander SPECS: Steel, blued (BL) or stainless (SS), flat (FL) or arched (AR). Available to fit Govt./Commander (GM). Para-Ordnance P-14/P-16 (P01). 2-1⁄6" (5.2cm) long, .536" (13.6mm) wide. Officers Model ACP (OM).Check price and Read more Detail At Smith & Alexander

Tac-Shield 1.75
Tac-Shield 1.75" Double Wall Cobra Riggers Belts - 1.75 Cobra Riggers Belt, Double Walled Black Large

The Cobra Riggers 1.75" Belt. The double lever Cobra Buckle is rated at 2,000 lbs. The double wall 7,000 lb. webbing provides the strength needed while offering a comfortable soft edge design that doesn't dig into your sides. The forged steel V-Ring buckles are load tested at 2,500 lbs. giving the user peace of mind during emergency situations. Belts are designed with strong hook and loop for fast and secure sizing adjustment with a trim finish. TAC SHIELD belts are proven in the battlefields around the globe by American Warfighters and are available from many leading Tactical Sport and Military Retailers across the country. All products are backed with a Li Mfg: Tac-ShieldCheck price and Read more Detail At Tac-Shield

Reiff & Nestor Company
Reiff & Nestor Company "perfect Cut" Premium Tap - 8-40 Bottom Two-Flute Tap

Not magic, just perfect! When we first tried these taps (recommended by customer Dan Baldwin), we thought they were extra hard, coated or treated somehow . . . they're that much better than any tap we've ever used before. But, the U.S. company that's been making them since 1912 says the secret is plain old care and quality control. The ground threads are held to incredibly tight tolerances for roundness, thread spacing, etc. Result is, all the teeth cut equally so the whole tapping process goes faster, the taps last longer, breakage is cut way down and the threads are the finest you'll ever see. Try them; you'll tap more holes per tap than you thought possible! Premi Mfg: Reiff & Nestor Company SPECS: H-2, High Speed tool steel.Check price and Read more Detail At Reiff & Nestor Company

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