Ruger Pin Spring Center

Ruger Pin Spring Center

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Tandemkross "halo" Charging Ring For Browning Buckmark

The Browning Buckmark is one of the most popular 22lr pistols in the world. While it performs fantastic right out of the box, one of the major complaints is the lack of grip surface for the bolt. This precision made, yet stylish, charging handle for the Browning Buckmark is designed so Buckmark owners can charge their firearm quickly and with certainty. A unique ring pull design ensures fingers of any size can get a proper grip. This precision bolt puller is perfect for serious competition shooters, junior shooters and even arthritic hands. Stop trying to grab those tiny grip ears and put a halo around your Buckmark today. NOTE: There are quite a few variety of bolts for the Brownin Mfg: TandemkrossCheck price and Read more Detail At Tandemkross

Accurate Mag Long Action 5rd Aics Magazine 300 Winchester Magnum - Long Action Aics Magazine 300 Winchester Magnum 3.775
Accurate Mag Long Action 5rd Aics Magazine 300 Winchester Magnum - Long Action Aics Magazine 300 Winchester Magnum 3.775"

FEATURES: AICS style magazines, fit AICS stock and other AICS compatible bottom metals .300 Win. Mag. 5-Rnd available in three cartridge lengths: 3.715", 3.775" or 3.850" 3.715" is used on many factory rifles and the MDT TAC-21 long action chassis (100-008-333) 3.775" is compatible with Remington long action Police rifles 3.850" fits Savage long action Accurate Mag bottom metal Constructed of heat treated steel Coated with a black Teflon finish Polymer Followers Made in USA Mfg: Accurate MagCheck price and Read more Detail At Accurate Mag

Brownells Shotgun Bead Facing Cutter - .149
Brownells Shotgun Bead Facing Cutter - .149" Diameter, Fits #6 O/S Shank

No more tilted, sloppy looking, half square front sight beads. Faces-off the base of "Bradley"-style (Bev-L-Blok, Raybar, Sunspot, etc.) beads so they end up straight and square to the center of the rib or barrel when tightened. Six-bladed cutter with precisely drilled hollow center accepts bead shank. Turning the handle trims base of the bead at a true 90 angle that's absolutely square with the shank. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Six blade cutter, high speed steel, 3½" (8.8cm) long, 1-1/8" (2.8cm) diameter handle.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Falkor Defense Alpha Dmr .308 Win - Alpha Dmr .308 Win Black 18
Falkor Defense Alpha Dmr .308 Win - Alpha Dmr .308 Win Black 18"

What if you could have the accuracy of a bolt-action rifle combined with the recoil reduction, increased capacity and follow-up capability of the AR platform? That's exactly what the Falkor Defense Alpha DMR in .308 Win. offers to consumers. Each Falkor Defense Alpha DMR is built using the company's unique Dracos StraightJacket Barrel System, which results in an incredible level of accuracy. This feature, combined with the inherent recoil-reducing affects of a semi-automatic, AR-style system means that this gun will shoot as accurately as your bolt gun while providing softer recoil and a faster follow-up shot. Barrel length: 18 inches Overall length: 39.25 inche Mfg: Falkor DefenseCheck price and Read more Detail At Falkor Defense

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