Ruger Sr22 Red

Ruger Sr22 Red

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Aro-Tek Armorer's Tools For Glock - 3/16
Aro-Tek Armorer's Tools For Glock - 3/16" Nut Driver

Precision-made tools that will take care of most any field repair on the entire family of Glock Pistols. Kit includes: 3/16" nut driver for easy, front sight removal; .050" Allen wrench for rear sight removal, installation and adjustment; and a 3/32" punch for complete takedown. Tools feature hardened shafts and comfortable aluminum handles. Comes in convenient, snap-top, heavy-duty vinyl pouch. Mfg: Aro-Tek SPECS: Shaft-steel, blued. Handle - aluminum, anodized red. 3¾" (9.5cm) long. 3/16" Nut Driver available separately.Check price and Read more Detail At Aro-Tek

Brownells Glasbed - Brown Glasbed Kit
Brownells Glasbed - Brown Glasbed Kit

Glasbed bedding is the single best choice for the gun owner who wants to give his gun the accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency that only Glasbed bedding can. It's a real time saver! There's no measuring involved, and nothing to clean up afterwards. The proportions are exact so you can't make a mistake, and the working time is long enough for even a novice "bedder" to get everything positioned correctly before the Glasbed bedding begins to set up. Plus, the convenience and ease of use make it a natural for the busy shop and experienced stock man. We took our time-proven Acraglas Gel formulation and made it in two colors: fiberglass-stock-black or gunstock-w Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Sierra Bullets Gameking 7mm (0.284
Sierra Bullets Gameking 7mm (0.284") Bullets - 7mm (0.284") 150gr Polymer Tipped 500/Box

GameKing bullets are designed for hunting at long range, where their extra margin of performance can make the critical difference. GameKing bullets feature a boat tail design to bring hunters the ballistic advantage of match bullets. The streamlined tapered base of the boat tail bullet greatly reduces drag, which results in higher retained velocity, greater striking energy, a flatter trajectory and less wind drift than comparable flat base bullets. Mfg: Sierra Bullets, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Sierra Bullets, Inc.

Colorado Bullet Cast Lead Bullets - 44 Caliber (0.429
Colorado Bullet Cast Lead Bullets - 44 Caliber (0.429") 240gr Semi-Wadcutter 500/Box

Colorado Bullet cast lead bullets are made from range lead. They melt down, clean and flux the lead from indoor ranges for all our products. The Brinell Hardness averages between 9 and 11. Bullets are lubed with Liquid-XLOX, a cast bullet lubricant specifically designed to coat the entire bullet unlike the blue wax that is only in the wax ring. Mfg: Colorado Bullet Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Colorado Bullet Inc.

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