Ruger American Rifleshopruger

Ruger American Rifleshopruger

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Fn Slp Inv Plus Ext Ck.Tube Cylinder (Cyl .000-In) - Slp Inv Plus Ext Ck.Tube Extra Full (Cyl .040-In)
Fn Slp Inv Plus Ext Ck.Tube Cylinder (Cyl .000-In) - Slp Inv Plus Ext Ck.Tube Extra Full (Cyl .040-In)

FNH USA interchangeable extended mount Invector choke tubes for 12 Gauge FNH SLP Shotguns. These choke tubes feature a polished stainless steel construction with a blue anodized accent identification ring. Blue ring includes large, easy to read markings for each style of choke tube. Only for use with the 24", 26", 28", and 30" accessory 12 gauge back-bored barrels for the FNH SLP. Mfg: Fn SPECS: 12 Gauge. Cylinder - .000 in. Skeet - .005 in. Improved - .010 in. Light Modified - .015 in. Modified - .020 in. Improved Modified - .025 in. Light Full - .030 in. Full - .035 in. Extra Full - .040 in.Check price and Read more Detail At Fn

Spuhr Quick Detach Isms Qdp Mount - 30mm 1.5
Spuhr Quick Detach Isms Qdp Mount - 30mm 1.5" 20.6 Moa Qdp Mount

The Spuhr QDP Mount is an extremely sturdy one-piece scope mount that clamps directly to any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny receiver rail or base. It combines the rock-solid stability of Spuhr's proven Ideal Scope Mounting System (ISMS) with easy-to-operate quick-release levers that let you attach and remove the Spuhr QDP Mount from your rifle with the mount and the scope as a single unit. The Spuhr QDP Mount has 45-degree split rings designed so the bulkiest part of the rings is not in your line of sight of the scope turrets. Another innovation is a bubble level built into the base to help you make sure the rifle is perfectly level, helping you control another important variable in lo Mfg: SpuhrCheck price and Read more Detail At Spuhr

L.E. Wilson Wilson Neck Reamer - 375 Caliber (0.378
L.E. Wilson Wilson Neck Reamer - 375 Caliber (0.378"-0.3785") Inside Neck Reamer

Thick necks can cause high chamber pressures and erratic shooting. Wilson neck reamers remove excess neck material to insure adequate clearance exists between the case neck and the chamber. Also, these reamers can be used when forming wildcats from a parent case. Reamers are used in the Wilson trimmer in place of the trimmer cutter. Standard reamers are sized for use on fired, unsized cases and measure .0025" - .003" larger than bullet diameter. Custom size reamers can be ground (allow 6-8 week delivery). Mfg: L.E. Wilson, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At L.E. Wilson, Inc.

Reiff & Nestor Company
Reiff & Nestor Company "perfect Cut" Premium Tap - 6-48 Bottom Two-Flute Tap

Not magic, just perfect! When we first tried these taps (recommended by customer Dan Baldwin), we thought they were extra hard, coated or treated somehow . . . they're that much better than any tap we've ever used before. But, the U.S. company that's been making them since 1912 says the secret is plain old care and quality control. The ground threads are held to incredibly tight tolerances for roundness, thread spacing, etc. Result is, all the teeth cut equally so the whole tapping process goes faster, the taps last longer, breakage is cut way down and the threads are the finest you'll ever see. Try them; you'll tap more holes per tap than you thought possible! Premi Mfg: Reiff & Nestor Company SPECS: H-2, High Speed tool steel.Check price and Read more Detail At Reiff & Nestor Company

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