Remington Shotgun Barrel Markings

Remington Shotgun Barrel Markings

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Rcbs Neck Sizer Dies - Neck Sizer Die 300 Win Mag
Rcbs Neck Sizer Dies - Neck Sizer Die 300 Win Mag

Neck sizing dies size only the case neck of the cartridge - not the shoulder or the case body. Use neck dies when cases are fired in the same rifle and a close cartridge case to chamber fit is desired. The neck die will size the neck, decap the spent primer, then size for correct bullet tension with the expander ball. Neck dies come in an RCBS plastic die box and will fit all 7/8 to 14 reloading presses. Mfg: RcbsCheck price and Read more Detail At Rcbs

Nosler Varmageddon 22 Caliber (0.224
Nosler Varmageddon 22 Caliber (0.224") Flat Base Tipped Bullets - 22 Caliber (0.224") 55gr Flat Base Tipped 100/Box

Nosler's Varmageddon bullets are designed with the needs of high-volume varmint hunters in mind. The flat-based bullets feature an ultra-thin jacket mouth and specially designed jacket wall to ensure utmost integrity during flight, while delivering devastating fragmentation on impact. Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

Redding Carbide 3-Die Handgun Sets - Carbide 3-Die Set 38 Special/357 Mag
Redding Carbide 3-Die Handgun Sets - Carbide 3-Die Set 38 Special/357 Mag

Titanium carbide differs considerably from other carbides, and is the ideal material for resizing cartridge cases. Titanium carbide has the highest hardness of any readily available carbide. The difference is in the microstructure. Viewed under a microscope it appears smooth and rounded, which presents a slippery non-galling surface, ideal for lubeless resizing of cartridges. The Carbide 3-Die set includes the Titanium Carbide sizing die, expander die and bullet seating die with built-in crimp. Mfg: ReddingCheck price and Read more Detail At Redding

Ruger Precision Rifle 26
Ruger Precision Rifle 26" - Precision Rifle 6.5 Prc

Taking advantage of the magnum-level capabilities of the new Ruger expanded its popular Precision Rifle lineup to include the new caliber. This gives long-range shooters the opportunity to harness the capabilities of this new round in an affordable precision package. Barrel length: 26 inches The rifle also comes equipped with the specially designed Magnum Muzzle Brake to tame the recoil of this magnum-level round. Mfg: RugerCheck price and Read more Detail At Ruger

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