Remington Semi Auto Turkey Shotguns

Remington Semi Auto Turkey Shotguns

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Ke Arms Charlie Glock Slides - Charlie G19 Gen 3 Slide 9mm
Ke Arms Charlie Glock Slides - Charlie G19 Gen 3 Slide 9mm

The Charlie features front and rear cocking serrations, aggressive contouring on the sides, bull nose on the front, and weight relief cuts on the top and sides of the slide. Machined to accept the Trijicon RMR red dot. KE slides are machined form 17-4 Stainless Steel and heat treated to Rockwell 42-43 and finished in black Melonite. These slides come ready to accept OEM internals, barrels, and guide rods. Made in the USA. Mfg: Ke Arms LlcCheck price and Read more Detail At Ke Arms Llc

Redding Type S Bushing Neck Dies - Type S Bushing Neck Die 20 Ppc
Redding Type S Bushing Neck Dies - Type S Bushing Neck Die 20 Ppc

The Type S Bushing Neck Die provides reloaders with a simple means to precisely control case neck size and tension. Uses interchangeable sizing bushing available in .001" increments The adjustable decapping rod allows positioning the bushing to resize only a portion of the neck length if desired Concentricity is enhanced by the ability of the resizing bushing to self-center on the case neck. The decapping rod is supplied with a standard size button. This is especially useful for reloaders who are using commercial brass as is. A decappin pin retainer is also supplied with most Type S Bushing Dies except 17 and 20 Caliber This enables neck sizing without Mfg: ReddingCheck price and Read more Detail At Redding

Tandemkross "victory" Trigger For Keltec Pmr30/Cmr30/Cp33 - Victory Trigger For Keltec Pmr/Cmr-30 Red

A a glance: Flat-faced, skeletonized design for better control and feel Textured trigger face offers a no-slip grip in any condition 100% adjustable for pre-travel and post-travel The factory KELTEC trigger stands out in the rimfire market for its crisp feel and light trigger pull. But even good triggers can be made GREAT! The new TANDEMKROSS "Victory" Trigger for the KELTEC CP33, compatible also with the PMR30 and the CMR30 is the ultimate KELTEC upgrade - ideal for speed shooting competitors! The TANDEMKROSS "Victory" Trigger is pre- and post-travel adjustable to allow each shooter to customize their CP33 Mfg: TandemkrossCheck price and Read more Detail At Tandemkross

Smith & Alexander 1911
Smith & Alexander 1911 "e-Z Fit Hi-Grip" Beavertail Safety - Series 70, Palmswell Hi-Grip Safety, S/S

Curved shape drops the pistol deeper into the hand and lowers the line of sight for less felt recoil and a faster pointing gun. Wide beavertail shape prevents the hammer from "bit-ing" the web of the hand. Palmswell model fea- tures a raised pad that maintains constant hand contact for the shooter using a high thumb hold. Mfg: Smith & Alexander SPECS: Steel, matte BLUE or satin stainless (S/S). .866" (22mm) from rear of hole to tip. Available Standard or Palmswell. Series 70 or 80. .250" radius requires alteration to frame.Check price and Read more Detail At Smith & Alexander

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