Remington Classic Rifles For Sale

Remington Classic Rifles For Sale

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Superior Shooting Finalfinish System - 30 Claiber (0.308
Superior Shooting Finalfinish System - 30 Claiber (0.308") Finalfinish Bullet Kit

Abrasive coated bullets provide effective polishing to remove tool marks, rough areas and high spots in bore and throat. Eliminates the primary cause of lead and copper fouling and makes bore cleaning easier and less time consuming. Long, match type, jacketed bullets provide maximum bearing surface for efficient polishing action. Every caliber kit includes 10 bullets each, in five grades of compound to progressively smooth and polish bore. Mfg: Superior Shooting SPECS: 50 bullets. Plastic storage box. Bullet Weight in grains. Instructions included.Check price and Read more Detail At Superior Shooting

Clymer "back-Bore" Reamers - 12 Gauge Back-Bore Reamer .740 Dia.

Back-boring reamers are invaluable for all shops that do shotgun work, especially choke and barrel modifications. Reamers available in .005" increments from .725" to .740" in 12 gauge. Lead angle of reamer matches the angle of most chokes to blend into an existing choke. Many possible uses. Shortened barrels may be back-bored to within 2" to 3" of muzzle to provide a degree of constriction or "choke" in what would otherwise be a cylinder bore barrel. A choked barrel can be back-bored to enlarge the bore to provide "extra" constriction for competitive shooters. For rough pitted bores, these reamers provide an effective and efficient means of Mfg: Clymer SPECS: Reamers 5" (12.7cm) long. Made of M-7 high speed steel, hardened and drawn. Advise Reamer Stock # from chart.Check price and Read more Detail At Clymer

Lubriplate - 10 Oz. Lubriplate
Lubriplate - 10 Oz. Lubriplate

The original white lubricant. Long-lasting, dependable, waterproof lubrication for internal parts or whenever a lightweight, top quality grease is preferred. Mfg: Lubriplate SPECS: 1-¾" oz. (49.6g) or 10 oz. (283.5g) tubes.Check price and Read more Detail At Lubriplate

Apex Tactical Specialties Inc M&P Spring Kits - Duty/Carry Spring Kit
Apex Tactical Specialties Inc M&P Spring Kits - Duty/Carry Spring Kit

Drop-in replacements for factory components enhance reliability and optimize the performance of your M&P for different applications. Same springs found in the Action Enhancement Kits can be used as high-quality replacements for worn or tired factory springs. Duty/Carry Spring Kit includes a trigger return spring, a slave pin to aid in installing the return spring and one sear spring. Competition Spring Kit adds a competition striker spring and gives a 3 lb. trigger pull when used with the Hard Sear and Ultimate Striker Kit. Mfg: Apex Tactical Specialties Inc SPECS: Fits all M&P pistols, recent and older manufacture. Will not fit pistols adapted for sale in Massachusetts.Check price and Read more Detail At Apex Tactical Specialties Inc

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