Remington 700 Base Mounts

Remington 700 Base Mounts

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Pachmayr Guardiangrips - Guardiangrip Taurus 85/856
Pachmayr Guardiangrips - Guardiangrip Taurus 85/856

Owners of concealed-carry revolvers have struggled for years in the battle between having a full firing grip or having a short, concealable grip that won't print. What if you could have both on one gun? Sounds impossible, but thanks to the unique design of the Pachmayr GuardianGrip, it's a reality! The innovative design of the Pachmayr GuardianGrip lies in the spring-loaded extension located at the bottom of the grip. When carried, the GuardianGrip is sized the same as many other two-finger compact grips on the market. But with a simple button push, the grip extension shoots out of the bottom, allowing for a full firing grip. The Pachmayr GuardianGrip is made from polyme Mfg: PachmayrCheck price and Read more Detail At Pachmayr

Samson Manufacturing Corp Modular Accessory Tactical Rail (Matr) For The Ar-15/M4 - Modular Accessory Tactical Rail
Samson Manufacturing Corp Modular Accessory Tactical Rail (Matr) For The Ar-15/M4 - Modular Accessory Tactical Rail

6061 T6 aluminum construction CNC machined Hard coat anodized finish Lightweight Easy to install Fits M4 style of AR-15/M16 handguard Attaches to existing handguard 4 attaching slot head screws No permanent modifications to firearm for installation 1913 Mil-Spec rails 3 detachable rails 6 rail location configuration Ventilation gap between rails and handguard Does not interfere with tactical sling Have you been researching accessory rails for your M-4 but don't want to add more weight to your existing weapon? The Samson Modular Accessory Tactical Rail may be your answer. The MATR is CNC machined Mfg: Samson Manufacturing Corp SPECS: 6061 T6 aluminum construction, CNC machined, Hard coat anodized finish, Lightweight, Easy to install, Fits M4 style of AR-15/M16 handguard, Attaches to existing handguard, 4 attachment slot head screws, No permanent modifications to firearm, 1913 Mil-Spec rails, 3 detachable rails, 6 railCheck price and Read more Detail At Samson Manufacturing Corp

Bondhus Prohold Ball-Hex
Bondhus Prohold Ball-Hex "l" Wrenches - 3/32" Wrench

A nylon button in the ball end holds screw snugly on the wrench, helps prevent dropped and lost screws. Because they can be "off" as much as 25, ball-end, hex wrenches will work in places conventional ones won't. Use "square" end when more leverage is needed. Supplied in deluxe case with a locking slot for each wrench. Mfg: Bondhus SPECS: High torque steel. 2-7/8" (7.3cm) - 6½" (16.5cm) long. Inch Set - 13 sizes: .050", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64" , 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", ", 5/16", 3/8". Metric Set - 9 sizes; 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm.Check price and Read more Detail At Bondhus

Tac-Shield 1.75
Tac-Shield 1.75" Reinforced Gun Belt W/ Cobra Buckle - 1.75 Reinforced Gun Belt W/ Cobra Buckle Coyote Medium

The Tactical Gun 1.50" Belt is the latest in modern gun carry. The heavy-duty 2,000 lb. aluminum buckle has double release levers to provide extra security, but ease of opening for the wearer. The low-profile design includes tapered edges for snag-free comfort. The buckle locks the webbing to prevent slippage with even the heaviest loads. Double-wall webbing is reinforced with a special poly stiffener system. The patent pending design provides extra support in the holster/mag case region, while offering softer edging in the spinal area for additional comfort and protection. Belts are adjustable up to four inches with the hook & loop tail lock design. It can be worn in tra Mfg: Tac-ShieldCheck price and Read more Detail At Tac-Shield

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