Red Dot 9mm Ammo

Red Dot 9mm Ammo

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Bsf Barrels Ar-15 Barrel Carbon Fiber 45acp 1-16 Twist - 10.5 In Barrel 45acp Carbon Fiber 1-16 Twist
Bsf Barrels Ar-15 Barrel Carbon Fiber 45acp 1-16 Twist - 10.5 In Barrel 45acp Carbon Fiber 1-16 Twist

BSF Barrels makes packing a "Forty-Five" a whole lot different from what it was for our parents and grandparents! Their .45 ACP AR-15 barrels are built with the same meticulous attention to detail as a top-quality match barrel to ensure that you'll achieve the best possible accuracy from your AR pistol or carbine. All BSF barrels are turned from 416R stainless steel, then given a roll-wrapped, tensioned, carbon fiber sleeve. The sleeve keeps weight down while providing excellent rigidity, coupled with enhanced cooling. BSF uses this sleeve method on their .45 ACP AR-15 barrels rather than simple carbon fiber wrapping because they believe wrapping traps heat and is pro Mfg: Bsf BarrelsCheck price and Read more Detail At Bsf Barrels

Pachmayr "professional" Grips - Model Sk-Cp Smith & Wesson "k/L" Round Butt

Same superb Pachmayr feel and recoil absorption but with back strap open for those with smaller hands, shorter fingers. Created and designed in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Checkered, non-slip black rubber with gold Pachmayr emblem. Mfg: Pachmayr SPECS: Molded, black, neoprene rubber. GP for square butt, has finger grooves as on Gripper series. CP for round butt, is Compact style with no finger grooves.Check price and Read more Detail At Pachmayr

Radians Revelation Shooting Glasses - Clear Revelation Shooting Glasses Black
Radians Revelation Shooting Glasses - Clear Revelation Shooting Glasses Black

Economical, practical shooting glasses deliver an unhindered view of the target for shooting any time day or night. Clear, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses meet ANSI Z87.1 standards to protect your eyes from flying brass, debris, and 99% of harmful UVA/UVB rays. Origin glasses feature a fog-resistant one-piece lens, 4-position length-adjustable, rubber-tipped temples, and a self-adjusting rubber nosepiece to prevent slippage. Black frame. Revelation glasses feature individual lenses, 5-position length-adjustable temples, and a rubber nosepiece. Black frame. Rock has wrap-around, one-piece, anti-fog lens, an adjustable rubber nosepiece, and rubber-tipped temples. Available wit Mfg: RadiansCheck price and Read more Detail At Radians

Tandemkross "victory" Trigger For Browning Buckmark - "victory" Trigger Browning Buckmark- Textured

The trigger of any firearm is critical and must give the shooter as much control as possible. The sleek, skeletonized, and lightweight design of the TANDEMKROSS "Victory" trigger provides a flat face that many shooting pros prefer as opposed to the traditional curved triggers commonly seen in the Ruger MKIII 22/45 market. This design allows the shooter to pull straight back instantly providing the operator with the ability to tell if they are pulling too far to the left or the right. The flat faced design also allows the operator to place their finger lower down on the trigger, increasing leverage and enabling them to take full advantage of lower trigger pull weights. The wide f Mfg: TandemkrossCheck price and Read more Detail At Tandemkross

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