Ronerasefire Update

Ronerasefire Update

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Berger Bullets 6.5mm (0.264
Berger Bullets 6.5mm (0.264") Hybrid Boat Tail Bullets - 6.5mm (0.264") 140gr Hybrid Boat Tail 100/Box

Bergers Hybrid design blends the best of both worlds by incorporating two different shapes within the nose. As the bearing surface ends, a tangent ogive begins. This tangent section of the ogive results in the bullet being much less sensitive to seating depth. As you move forward along the tangent portion, the shape changes into a secant ogive (the shape used on the VLD bullets). This shape is very efficient in the wind and is why the VLD became so popular. The key to all this is not just the combining of these two shapes but also the partnership between the ballistician and the bullet maker. Berger's Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz uses his expertise to combine the appropriate shape Mfg: Berger BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Berger Bullets

Mossberg Patriot 450 Bushmaster Kuiu/Ss - Patriot 450 Bushmaster 20
Mossberg Patriot 450 Bushmaster Kuiu/Ss - Patriot 450 Bushmaster 20" Kuiu/Ss

The straight-walled 450 Bushmaster has become an incredibly popular option for today's hunters, thanks to its hard-hitting, game-dropping properties that make it a one-shot stop for whitetail-deer hunters. Mossberg developed a new model of its Patriot Rifle lineup for the caliber, giving Midwestern whitetail hunters a platform they can count on for fall deer season. Each Mossberg Patriot in 450 Bushmaster is constructed with a button-rifled barrel for unparalleled accuracy, and the longer barrel compared to other 450 Bushmaster rifles on the market ensures a complete powder burn, so you get the most out of each shot. The barrel is also built with a recessed target crown that' Mfg: MossbergCheck price and Read more Detail At Mossberg

Beretta Usa Barrel, 9mm Parabellum
Beretta Usa Barrel, 9mm Parabellum

BARREL, 9MM PARABELLUM Mfg: Beretta UsaCheck price and Read more Detail At Beretta Usa

Forster Oversize
Forster Oversize "e-Z" Expander Balls - 0.2050" Diameter E-Z Expander Ball

Oversize Expander Ball Soft seating of bullets is a technique used by many top competitors to overcome variables such as inconsistent seating depth and seating depth changes due to throat erosion. Soft seating of bolt action rifle ammunition is accomplished by leaving the bullet seated out far enough so it is pushed back into the case as the rifle bolt is closed. Thus, each bullet is started true to the rifling. Note: Maximum pressures should be approached with caution when loading with this method. Oversized Expander Balls are designed to replace the standard Expander on Forster Sizing dies. These larger Expander Balls produce reloads with lighter bullet tension, allowing you to precisel Mfg: ForsterCheck price and Read more Detail At Forster

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