Personal Protection Shotgun Best

Personal Protection Shotgun Best

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Otis Vise Soft Jaws - Vise Soft Jaws General Use
Otis Vise Soft Jaws - Vise Soft Jaws General Use

For gunsmiths or firearm owners working on their AK firearms, the Otis AK Soft Jaws are an essential item to protect your AK while keeping it secure in a vise. Works with light duty vises up to large, heavy duty vises (minimum vise jaw measurement is 4"L x 0.5"H). Composed of a non-slip rubber material, these soft jaws have the perfect balance of hardness to keep even the smallest parts clamped and flexibility to mold to the various shapes of a firearm. Softer than gun parts, these soft jaws will not mar or scratch gun metals. The rubber is oil, solvent and alcohol resistant and easily wipes clean. They also feature a top lip which not only help p Mfg: OtisCheck price and Read more Detail At Otis

Forster Case Trimmer Pilot - 0.375
Forster Case Trimmer Pilot - 0.375" Trimmer Pilot

FORSTER Case Trimmer Pilot: .17 cal requires item 749-002-532 for use with Forster "Original" trimmers. Mfg: ForsterCheck price and Read more Detail At Forster

Hornady 6.5mm (.264
Hornady 6.5mm (.264") 140 Grain Eld Match Bullets - 6.5mm (0.264") 140gr Eld-M 100/Bx

6.5mm 140 grain ELD Match bullets are technologically advanced, enhanced accuracy target bullets featuring Heat Shield tips with the PERFECT MEPLAT (tip point) combined with numerous design features that deliver the highest-in-class ballistic coefficients, superior accuracy and extreme consistency from bullet-to-bullet, lot-to-lot. Best-in-class BCs Delivers the highest degree of accuracy and bullet-to-bullet/lot-to-lot consistency. Accurate, radar verified BCs Hornady engineers discovered that commonly used bullet tip materials in streamlined, high BC bullets melt and deform. Although not a significant issue affecting moderate BC conventional tipped varmint and Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Criterion Barrels Inc Ar-15/M16 Hybrid Rifle Barrels - 16
Criterion Barrels Inc Ar-15/M16 Hybrid Rifle Barrels - 16" Hybrid Mid Length Barrel W/ Headspaced Bolt

The Hybrid contour AR-15 barrels offer an ideal configuration for those seeking extreme accuracy without the added weight of an HBAR contour. An indent is provided opposite the gas port to enable easy installation. Also included is an M4 barrel extension. These barrels accept muzzle devices with a 1/2x28 thread. Chambers are finished, but barrels should be headspaced and installed by a qualified gunsmith. Included are a headspaced BCM Bolt Assembly with your Criterion chrome-lined barrel. The BCM Bolt is MPI tested, includes tool steel machined extractor, BCM Extractor Spring and is shot peened for increased strength. Mfg: Criterion Barrels Inc SPECS: Milspec Carpenter No. 158 Steel; HPT (High Pressure Test/Proof); MPI Bolt (Magnetic Particle Inspected); Shot Peened Bolt; Tool Steel Extractor; BCM Extractor Spring; Black Extractor Insert; Mil-Spec O-Ring, .750 ID".Check price and Read more Detail At Criterion Barrels Inc

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