Para Ordinance Model P1040 40 Caliber Parts Trigger

Para Ordinance Model P1040 40 Caliber Parts Trigger

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Nosler Ballistic Tip Lead-Free Bullets - 20 Caliber (0.204
Nosler Ballistic Tip Lead-Free Bullets - 20 Caliber (0.204") 32gr Spitzer 100/Box

The Nosler Ballistic Tip Lead-Free (BTLF) is everything that varmint and predator hunters expect from a Ballistic Tip, in a lead-free design. The flat-based, lead-less bullet features Nosler's exclusive Fragmenting Copper Core Technology (patent pending) which exhibits immediate and rapid expansion, initiated by its metallic-colored polymer tip, at practical varmint shooting velocities of 1600 fps and above. The BTLF can safely be used in all lead-free zones or shooting ranges that require non-magnetic bullets. Users can be confident of the same performance and quality that the Ballistic Tip has made famous for more than 25 years. Unique Metallic- Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

Brownells 308ar Brn-10 Retro 20
Brownells 308ar Brn-10 Retro 20" 308 Barrel With Fsb - Rn-10 308 20" Lightweight Barrel 1-10 4150 Fsb

Many AR aficionados love their AR-15 platforms and want to build retro models, but a little-known fact about the AR platform is that the earliest rifle models were actually AR-10 chambered in .308 Win. The Brownells Original Style BRN-10 308 AR Barrels are faithful reproduction of the barrels found on the first Armalite AR-10 rifles produced in the 1950s. The Brownells Original Style BRN-10 308 AR barrels are available in two different configurations never seen before on the retro reproduction market. The fluted model allows builders to construct repros of early test models provided to the U.S. Army in the late '50s, while the lightweight-profile model emulates the Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Warne Mfg. Company Maxima Fixed Rings - 1
Warne Mfg. Company Maxima Fixed Rings - 1" Low Fixed Rings Gloss Black

Maxima Fixed Rings are designed to be the strongest, most durable fixed mount system available. Typical steel scope mounts in this class use only 2 screws per ring, have a narrower clamping band and in most cases only absorb recoil in the front ring. Maxima Fixed rings utilize 4 T-15 Torx style socket cap screws for secure optics mounting. The Maxima Fixed series fit Weaver style cross slot bases and incorporate a Warne square stainless steel recoil control key in both the front and rear rings. This ensures a "no slip" positive recoil surface across the entire slot of the base and is capable of withstanding the heaviest of recoil. The Maxima square recoil key also protects aga Mfg: Warne Mfg. Company SPECS: Steel, powder coated Black (Reg.), Matte blue (Matte), or Silver Alloy in matte Silver (Silver) finish. Height measured from top of base to inside bottom of ring. Available in Low, .250" (6.35mm); Medium, .375" (9.5mm); High, .525" (13.3mm).Check price and Read more Detail At Warne Mfg. Company

Gunline Barrel Bedding Tool - 7/8
Gunline Barrel Bedding Tool - 7/8" Replacement Cutter Pak

Perfect, chatter-free cut, shaves out excess wood, leaves barrel channel smooth and ready for barrel without gouging, rasping or final sanding. Cushioned-cutter design keeps hardened steel cutter discs at correct angle to remove wood without "digging in" regardless of amount of pressure. A favorite with pros. Mfg: Gunline SPECS: 10" (25.4cm) overall. Cut length approximate 1¼" (3.2cm). 7/8" and 1" diameter replacement cutters are sold 9 per pak, all other sizes are sold 11 per pak. Bbl. Bedding Tool Set includes ½", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16" and ¾" bedding tools complete with handles and cutterCheck price and Read more Detail At Gunline

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