Power Custom Gunsmithing Tools

Power Custom Gunsmithing Tools

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Hornady Match 22 Caliber (0.224
Hornady Match 22 Caliber (0.224") Hollow Point Bullets - 22 Caliber (0.224") 53gr Hollow Point 100/Box

The thin-plated full metal jacket offered by other manufacturers is easily distorted and often breaks or separates when the bullet impacts the target. The Hornady AMP bullet jacket features virtually zero tolerance for concentricity and near-zero wall thickness variation, punching through targets without deforming or breaking. Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Magpul Women's Crew Neck Go Bang T-Shirts - Womens Crew-Neck Go Bang T-Shirt Xl Wine Heather
Magpul Women's Crew Neck Go Bang T-Shirts - Womens Crew-Neck Go Bang T-Shirt Xl Wine Heather

Introducing the new collection of Magpul women's tees. Created with the same high standards as our existing men's tees offering the same quality, comfort and fit. These tees are tailored specifically for women and feature a slightly longer length for coverage and concealed carry capabilities. The Megablend T-shirt offers a more athletic look and feel, with its soft breathable blend of 50% cotton, 38% Poly, and 12% Rayon. Preshrunk and constructed with Magpul's own Cut-N-Sew pattern engineering, this tough tee will hold up to plenty of abuse and repeated wash cycles. We finish it off with our own rib collar and custom neck tape. 50% Cotton, 38% Polyester, 12% Rayo Mfg: MagpulCheck price and Read more Detail At Magpul

Vertx Essential 2.0 Pack - Essential 2.0 Pack Black
Vertx Essential 2.0 Pack - Essential 2.0 Pack Black

Yeah, it's nice to think about having a huge, loaded-down, three-day pack with everything you need to survive a nuclear strike, but let's be real: What are you really going to use and carry on a daily basis? Keep your prepper gear at home or in the car and stay nimble with your EDC essentials with the Vertx Essentials 2.0 Pack. Rather than weighing you down with a big bag filled with stuff you probably won't use, the Vertx Essentials 2.0 Pack is small, lightweight and nimble while providing a slot for all the gear you'll use on a daily basis. One of the critical elements of the pack is a concealed-carry pocket that takes standard ballistic panels and also offers a hoo Mfg: VertxCheck price and Read more Detail At Vertx

Brownells Torx Head Scope Ring & Base Screw Kit - T-10 Refill Pak 6-48x1/4
Brownells Torx Head Scope Ring & Base Screw Kit - T-10 Refill Pak 6-48x1/4"xwh Fits Weaver Base

A TORX head lets you set a screw down tight without the bit slipping and damaging the screw slot. They give your work a clean, finished appearance. We've included T-10 and T-15 TORX sizes for use in different applications. T-10 gives you plenty of additional wall thickness where the head joins the shank; T-15 has a large socket that accepts the same driver supplied with many popular brands of rings and bases. You get an economically priced assortment of 240 screws, all made right here in the USA. 1 dozen each of 20 different screws; 11 Fillister Head and 9 Weaver Oval Head styles in 3 thread sizes and 4 lengths, all in a sturdy, compartmented box. For those special jobs we have Mfg: Brownells SPECS: U.S.-made, quality screws, with the same head/shape specs as the Slotted Sight Base Screws. T-10, T-15 TORX socket. Blued. Kit includes: (1) T-10 and (1) T-15 TORX wrench, 240 screws, compartmented kit box, Tweezers, Checker/Shortener Jig and Application Chart showing bases/rings/ribs/etc.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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