P238 Sig Sauer

P238 Sig Sauer

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Browning Slide Stop, Nickel
Browning Slide Stop, Nickel

SLIDE STOP, NICKEL Mfg: BrowningCheck price and Read more Detail At Browning

Area 419 Billet Loading Blocks - 0.378
Area 419 Billet Loading Blocks - 0.378" Case Head Loading Block

Keep your reloaded rounds organized during the handloading process by using the Area 419 Billet Loading Blocks to organize your bench. These blocks are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and feature specially designed pockets in the center of each hole to catch stray powder kernels and prevent any kind of impact to the primer. The blocks hold 50 cartridges and are available in sizes ranging from .223 Rem. to .338 Lapua Mag. The holes measure 0.5 inch deep. Mfg: Area 419Check price and Read more Detail At Area 419

Kick-Eez Recoil Pad - Medium 1-3/8
Kick-Eez Recoil Pad - Medium 1-3/8" Magnum Pad, Black

These pads don't just slow recoil down, they actually cut the kick dramatically by absorbing it! Made from soft, springy, Sorbothane, they end next-day-hurt, tame large caliber flinch and allow recoil-sensitive shooters to shoot in comfort. Won't ever bottom out. Grind and shape like regular pads, just don't allow heat to build up. 200 Series Dual Action Sporting Clays pad has two layers of Sorbothane for extra protection. The first layer reacts quickly to absorb initial recoil, while the second layer dissipates the remaining energy to maximize absorption. Heel is canted approximately 45° for easy shouldering from the "low gun" position. 300 Series All Purpo Mfg: Kick-Eez SPECS: Sorbothane visco-elastic polymer, Black or Brown. Large - 2.03" (5.1cm) x 5.65" (14.3cm). Medium - 1.93" (4.9cm) x 5.33" (13.5cm). DA = Dual Action. Dimensions shown in chart are nominal and can vary due to ambient temperature and humidity conditions present at the tiCheck price and Read more Detail At Kick-Eez

Pachmayr Xlt Magnum Ultra-Soft Trap Pad - Xlt Trap Pad, Medium
Pachmayr Xlt Magnum Ultra-Soft Trap Pad - Xlt Trap Pad, Medium

50% softer than the Decelerator pad with smooth grinding and fitting characteristics that make this pad easy to install while giving your favorite trap gun classy good looks and providing you with superior comfort. Leather-style face provides a grippy surface to keep the gun firmly seated on your shoulder. Won't go "flat" after years of shooting and vertical storage. Available in Medium and Large. Mfg: Pachmayr SPECS: Black, rubber. Med., 1.95" (4.9cm) x 5.35 (13.6cm). 1.1" (2.8cm) thick. Large, 2.05" (5.2cm) x 5.70" (14.5cm). 1.2" (3.1cm) thick.Check price and Read more Detail At Pachmayr

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