Springfield M1a Magpul Magazines

Springfield M1a Magpul Magazines

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Swarovski Z6i 2-12x50mm Scope Brh-I Reticle - 2-12x50mm Brh-I Matte Black
Swarovski Z6i 2-12x50mm Scope Brh-I Reticle - 2-12x50mm Brh-I Matte Black

The improved slim design and the advanced functions bring the well-established optical superiority of the Z6I rifle scopes to perfection: The newly designed mechanisms on the Ballistic Turret and the Parallax Turret optimize their handling. The rifle scopes of the Z6- 2nd generation are available in eight different models. Whatever your intended use, you are sure to find the perfect rifle scope for your requirements. Optimized, slimmer illumination unit provides unrestricted view and SWAROLIGHT automatic shut-off with inlination sensor helps increase battery life. All scopes are supplied with transparent protective caps, battery for reticle illumination, spare battery holder with spare ba Mfg: SwarovskiCheck price and Read more Detail At Swarovski

Brownells Combination Wrenches - 3/4
Brownells Combination Wrenches - 3/4" Combination Wrench

Features: Available in 5/8" and ¾" Chrome Vanadium steel construction Fully polished chrome 15 degree offset Recommended by FNH USA for removal of muzzle devices on 16S and 17S rifles Mfg: Brownells 5/8" OAL 9-9/16". 3/4" - OAL 11-1/64".Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Novak 1911 Nxt Extended Thumb Safeties - Ambidextrous Nxt Safety, Blued
Novak 1911 Nxt Extended Thumb Safeties - Ambidextrous Nxt Safety, Blued

Novak takes the 1911 safety a step further with streamlined styling and several operating enhancements. A re-designed detent enables extremely positive engagement and helps hold the plunger tube against the frame to keep it from working loose. The right-hand paddle on the ambidextrous model is keyed and pinned to the shaft to prevent flex and eliminate the need for the grip to hold the right lever in place. It also permits a much slimmer paddle that works with any grip, including LaserGrips. Completely "carry beveled" with all sharp edges removed for shooter comfort and control. Mfg: Novak SPECS: Carbon steel, blued, or stainless steel, natural finish. Fitting required for installation. Gunsmith installation recommended.Check price and Read more Detail At Novak

Egw 1911 Firing Pin - Firing Pin, .075
Egw 1911 Firing Pin - Firing Pin, .075"

Tough, durable firing pins are precision machined from extra-hard stainless steel to fit in the slide with .001" clearance to help eliminate "primer flow" with hot loads. Helps prevent jams and misfires caused by the primer backing out. Available in three diameters; select the diameter that provides just enough clearance through the hole in the firing pin stop of your gun. .068 normally fits Colt and Caspian 9mm/.38 Super/.40/10mm. .075 fits Springfield Armory 9mm/.38 Super/10mm/current-production .45 ACP. .093 fits most .45 ACP, including older-production Springfield. Fit may vary; measure your gun to be sure you select the correct size pin. Mfg: Egw SPECS: Stainless steel. Available in .068", .075", and .093" diameters.Check price and Read more Detail At Egw

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