Springfield 9mm Xd Modified

Springfield 9mm Xd Modified

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Bore Tech Proof Positive Nylon Bore Brushes - Bore Tech Proof Positive Nylon Rifle Brush (3 Pack), 22 Cal
Bore Tech Proof Positive Nylon Bore Brushes - Bore Tech Proof Positive Nylon Rifle Brush (3 Pack), 22 Cal

Bore Tech understands the need for premiumquality nylon brushes, which is whythey have constructed these "double wound"Proof-Positive Nylon Brushes that featuresuperior construction and materials. These brusheshave twice as many bristles as competing brands todouble the scrubbing action and shorten the cleaning process.Features oversized bristles for added strength, and non-brass cores andcouplers that prevent the appearance of copper fouling remaining in yourbores. The .17 and .20 caliber rifle brushes are 1" shorter in length toreduce the force needed to push the brush through and prevent barreldamage. For best results use Proof-Positive Nylon Brushes with fast actingcopper cle Mfg: Bore TechCheck price and Read more Detail At Bore Tech

Mayhew Steel Single Pin Punches - 3/32
Mayhew Steel Single Pin Punches - 3/32" (2.4mm) 4" (10.2cm) Long

No pin punch can be guaranteed against breakage, all the gunsmith can do is buy the very best available. When used with Starting Punches (see elsewhere), these will give you excellent service. Points will not bind in even deepest holes. Mfg: Mayhew Steel SPECS: Tool steel. Knurled body.Check price and Read more Detail At Mayhew Steel

Rescomp C-R Speed Holsters - Cr Speed Model
Rescomp C-R Speed Holsters - Cr Speed Model "g" Holster

Ultra-lightweight, rail-style design provides open access to grip for a fast, unrestricted draw. Exclusive, safety-locking lever engages with a flick of your thumb. Fully adjustable for overall length, degree of rake, draw tension, height and outward cant. Fits all barrel lengths, with or without scopes and comps. Can be converted for left-hand use; fits to belts up to 1-5⁄8" wide. Mfg: Rescomp SPECS: Polyethylene plastic, black. 8.8 oz.(250 g) wt. Imported from South Africa. Includes 3mm and 4mm Allen wrenches. Model "A" fits 1911 Auto, all styles and models plus, many other guns with triggerguards from 3/8" (9.5mm) to .453" (11.5mm) wide. Model "G" fits allCheck price and Read more Detail At Rescomp

Weaver Sure-Grip Rings - 1
Weaver Sure-Grip Rings - 1" X-High Gloss Rings

Steel caps with two screws per side provide extra strong, 4-screw, clamping power. Helps ensure that reticle stays square while tightening top screws. Large clamp nut locks rings to base, provides easy scope installation, removal; and accurate return to zero after re-installation. Mfg: Weaver SPECS: Aluminum lower; steel cap, screws, crossbolt and nut. Black, gloss or matte finish. Heights (above base): 1" (2.5cm) diameter - Med., .164" (4.16mm); High, .332" (8.43mm); X-High, .560" (14.2mm).Check price and Read more Detail At Weaver

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