Slip 2000 Ewl Extreme Weapons Lubricant Extreme Weapons Lube 4 Oz

Slip 2000 Ewl Extreme Weapons Lubricant Extreme Weapons Lube 4 Oz

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Gradient Lens 22" Slim Borescope Only - 22" Slim Borescope

The New Hawkeye Shot Edition 22-inch Slim Borescope allows you to purchase used guns and inspect and clean your own with confidence. Hawkeye is a trusted brand in top-notch diagnostic borescopes for shooters and gunsmiths alike. Use the 22-inch Shot Edition Borescope to ensure bores are clean and not eroded. This borescope offers a 0-degree direction-of-view. Mfg: Gradient Lens SPECS: Durable steel construction, tube length: 559MM, outside diameter: .165 inches.Check price and Read more Detail At Gradient Lens

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Brownells Brn-605 5.56

Before there was the M4 or the CAR-15 or the XM177, there was the Model 605 - Colt's very first effort at producing a carbine variant of the M16 rifle. And now, with the Brownells BRN-605, for the first time EVER, you can own an affordable, nice-shooting reproduction of that first AR carbine. The Model 605 is basically a standard M16 with 4.5" lopped off the end of the A1 barrel. Why a measly 4.5"? Because they retained the rifle-length gas tube! Like the original, the Brownells BRN-605 is built around our replicas of the XM16E1 upper and lower receivers (ours is called the XBRN16E1). The lower has the partial "fence" around the magazine release, whi Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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