Silencerco Spectre 2 Suppressor

Silencerco Spectre 2 Suppressor

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Redding Seater Dies - 20 Nosler Seating Die
Redding Seater Dies - 20 Nosler Seating Die

The Redding Seating Die includes bullet guide, built-in crimp ring and the proper seating plug. All dies are made using the finest alloy steels obtainable and machined on Hardinge Super-Precision lathes capable of holding the tightest tolerances in the industry. Heat treated in atmospherically controlled furnaces and hand polished for smooth, flawless functioning, these dies will maintain tolerances and last a lifetime. Inspected and ultrasonically cleaned before packaging. Mfg: ReddingCheck price and Read more Detail At Redding

Black Hills Ammunition 32 H&R Magnum 85gr Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo - 32 H&R Magnum 85gr Jhp 500/Case
Black Hills Ammunition 32 H&R Magnum 85gr Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo - 32 H&R Magnum 85gr Jhp 500/Case

Factory New 32 H&R Magnum 155gr Jacketed Hollow Point Pistol Ammunition. Black Hills focus is on handcrafting ammunition for serious folks who demand it works every time without fail. No magic loads. No gimmickry. Instead, they stake their reputation on dependability, accuracy, and performance. That's why Black Hills defensive and training ammunition is counted among the finest in the world. Mfg: Black Hills AmmunitionCheck price and Read more Detail At Black Hills Ammunition

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Lyman Aluminum Loading Blocks - 0.485" Aluminum Loading Block

Lyman's Deluxe Anodized Aluminum Loading Blocks are made for precision reloaders who want their equipment to be as high quality as the ammunition that they produce. The blocks are CNC milled from a solid billit of 6061-T6 aluminum to tight tolerances for a close fit to specific cartridges, unlike the common one-size-fits-all plastic blocks. The blocks are made in three sizes to fit most common rifle head sizes, and will hold 50 rounds. Blocks come with stick-on rubber non-slip feet to keep them from sliding on your bench. Mfg: Lyman SPECS: .338" hole size - fits: 17 Rem, 17 Rem Fireball, 204 Ruger, 222 Rem, 222 Rem Mag, 223 Rem, 300 AAC. .485" hole size - fits: 225 Win, 22-250, 220 Swift, 243 Win, 6mm Rem, 240 Wea Mag, 250 Sav, 257 Roberts, 25-06, 260 Rem, 6.5x55, 270 Win, 7mm-08, 7mm Mauser, 280 Rem, 300 Sav, 308Check price and Read more Detail At Lyman

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