Sig Sauer 320c 9 Bss

Sig Sauer 320c 9 Bss

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Pro Mag Ak-47 7.62x39 Magazines - Ak-47 30-Rd Magazine Polymer Black
Pro Mag Ak-47 7.62x39 Magazines - Ak-47 30-Rd Magazine Polymer Black

For just a little extra space, you can turn your AK-style rifle clone to 11. Or 40! These AK-47 40-round magazines are built using a durable, proven Zytel polymer, which is a proprietary blend developed by DuPont. The enhanced magazine body provides room for up to 40 rounds of 7.62x39mm, giving you more trigger time on the range! These AK-47 40-round magazines feature a heat-treated magazine spring made from chrome-silicon wire, as well as an injection-molded magazine follower. The mags will not fit in standard Saiga rifles, and each magazine is made in the USA. Mfg: Pro MagCheck price and Read more Detail At Pro Mag

Berger Bullets Classic Hunter 30 Caliber (0.308
Berger Bullets Classic Hunter 30 Caliber (0.308") Boat Tail Bullets - 30 Caliber (0.308") 168gr Hybrid Boat Tail 100/Box

The Berger Classic Hunting bullets are specially designed to conform to SAAMI industry dimensional standards. This bullet line is designed to feed through the magazine of factory rifles while still retaining the bearing surface of the bullet forward of the neck. They feature the popular Berger Hybrid bullet design that makes them less sensitive to seating depth, while maintaining the highest possible ballistic coefficient. Purpose made bullets for more common hunting methods which includes shooting game at close to medium ranges in factory rifles. Make the most out of your next hunt with these bullets from Berger. Mfg: Berger BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Berger Bullets

Swift Bullet Scirocco Ii Bonded Bullets - 6mm (0.243
Swift Bullet Scirocco Ii Bonded Bullets - 6mm (0.243") 90gr Boat Tail 100/Box

Scirocco II, with the Signature Black Tip, is a superbly accurate hunting bullet designed for long-range efficiency. It carries velocity and energy better than any of its competitors. Its sleek design and high ballistic coefficient produces the flattest trajectory in downrange hunting, making it a perfect match for long-range cartridges. The Scirocco II produces positive expansion at minimal velocities as well as controlled expansion and high weight retention at close range. No other tipped bullet offers the terminal range of Scirocco II. Polymer tip initiates expansion and is precisely shaped to reduce frontal air resistance Advanced secant ogive nos Mfg: Swift Bullet Co.Check price and Read more Detail At Swift Bullet Co.

Alessi Doj-S Holster - Fits 1911 Officers
Alessi Doj-S Holster - Fits 1911 Officers

Each holster is individually handmade from top-grade leather for a superb made-for-your-gun fit you can depend on. They look great, last a lifetime, and are available in a variety of styles to fit your pistol and your style of carry. Meticulously hand-fitted to the contours of the gun to ensure secure retention, with a molded sight channel that protects the front sight and the holster from unwanted wear. All materials made in the USA. Requires no break-in. Nylon thread stitching with double-stitched stress points and back-tacked ends for years of service. Originally designed for the California Department of Justice, this outside-the-waistband holster features an extended rear wing for sta Mfg: Alessi SPECS: Top-grade leather, black only. Fit belts up to 1½" wide. Right-hand carry only.Check price and Read more Detail At Alessi

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