Sig Sauer 225 Price

Sig Sauer 225 Price

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Wolfe Publishing Pet Loads-Complete Volume
Wolfe Publishing Pet Loads-Complete Volume

Ken Waters. Complete, comprehensive 1166 page, soft cover volume drawn from 30 years of Ken's columns in Handloader magazine and incorporating all 24 supplements issued for earlier editions of the book. History, loading data, performance, procedures, and cautions for over 150 cartridges at your fingertips, plus Ken's personal, "no-punches-pulled" look at the problems, advantages, accuracy, and effectiveness of each cartridge. Loads given for all popular rifle and pistol cartridges as well as some harder to find "good old ones." Reduced and cast bullet loads included. One of the most detailed and complete single loading guides available. Mfg: Wolfe PublishingCheck price and Read more Detail At Wolfe Publishing

Armageddon Gear Lightweight Headband Wrap - Lightweight Headband Wrap, Multicam
Armageddon Gear Lightweight Headband Wrap - Lightweight Headband Wrap, Multicam

Armageddon Gear's Lightweight Headband Wrap is a super-simple and no BS piece of kit that's designed to do several things for you. Just about every earmuff on the market has a headband made of black plastic or rubber. Summer sun heats this headband up to brain-burning temperatures. The Lightweight Headband Wrap provides layers of protection to significantly reduce this temperature and heat transfer to your sensitive noggin. Thoughtful material selection and smart design keep the Lightweight Headband Wrap trim and add little thickness to your muffs to ensure ease of use and comfort when worn under a modern combat helmet. Perhaps most of all, the Lightweight Headband Wrap in yo Mfg: Armageddon GearCheck price and Read more Detail At Armageddon Gear

Williams Gun Sight Rifle  1/4
Williams Gun Sight Rifle 1/4" Wgos Rear Sight - Rifle Adjustable Fiber Optic 1/4" Wgos Rear Sight Green

U-notch, rear sight sets use the highly accurate, 3-dot pattern with two green, fiber optic dots at the rear for sharp contrast and quick sight acquisition in all light conditions. No drilling or tapping required for most rifle models. Dovetailed front and rear sights may require minor fitting. Rear slide/blade combo fits all standard size, Williams, adjustable, rear guide, open sight bases. Converts traditional, rear iron sights into Fire Sights. Aluminum blade contains a single, U-shaped, green, fiber optic rod for 2-dot accuracy. Use with existing, factory, front sight or with fiber optic, Williams Rifle Sight Bead found elsewhere. Available in three heights. Use with Slide/Ghost Ring. Mfg: Williams Gun Sight SPECS: Aluminum, black anodized. 1⁄4" (6.4mm) high.Check price and Read more Detail At Williams Gun Sight

Brownells Competitor Plus Sling W/ Swivels - Tan Competitor PlusSling W/1 1/4
Brownells Competitor Plus Sling W/ Swivels - Tan Competitor PlusSling W/1 1/4", Super Swivels

If you love fine leather, fine craftsmanship and a superbly functional, useful sling, our new Competitor Plus is going to make you extremely happy! What you get is a no-compromise reproduction of the original 1907 Military Sling; the one that's become the standard among hi-power service rifle shooters and many knowledgeable hunters; the one that's sought after by collectors and restorers of pre-WWII military firearms and the one that's carried more guns, more miles on more shoulders than darn near any other. Ours has all the good stuff: 1) It's all U.S. made of the finest, oak-tanned, top grain, U.S. steer hide. 2) It's fitted with thick, forged, blued steel hooks. 3) Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 1¼" (3.2cm) wide. 9-10 oz. leather. .108" (2.75mm) thick hooks. Front strap length = 54" (1.37m). Instructions.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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