Shotgun Shooting Clipart

Shotgun Shooting Clipart

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Vsm Abrasives Corporation Sanding Belts - 2
Vsm Abrasives Corporation Sanding Belts - 2" (5.1cm) X 48" (121.9cm) Sanding Belt, 80 Grit

Tough, aluminum oxide grain, bonded to strong drill cloth with special, hi-temp Resinal. Gives excellent finish, resistant to dulling, runs cooler. Particularly suited for metal finishing. About "Compact Grain" Belts - Aluminum Oxide Belts in super-fine grit (like 600) are only available in what the maker calls "Compact Grain". This process layers grit in a special adhesive and greatly increases belt life. Compact grain belts are easily identified; they are ugly! The 600 grit belt shown looks like it should be a 60 grit but IT ISN'T. It really will give a 600 grit finish and will last extremely well. Resin bonded, aluminum oxide. Sold singly. Mfg: Vsm Abrasives CorporationCheck price and Read more Detail At Vsm Abrasives Corporation

Tandemkross Ruger Mark Series
Tandemkross Ruger Mark Series "shadow" Picatinny Rail - Ruger Mk Series "shadow" Picatiny Rail-Grey

The Tandemkross Shadow Picatinny Rail for Ruger Mark series and 22/45 pistols gives you greater flexibility in your choice of optic and in where you position it on your pistol. Eight MIL-STD Picatinny cross-slots give you plenty of leeway in positioning a red dot or other sight for optimal eye relief. Other features of the Shadow Picatinny Rail: Cutout on underside minimizes risk of interference ejected shell casings Shorter, trimmer & better looking than factory optic rail Solid & secure - precision-machined aluminum, hardcoat anodized finish Mounting screws included Available in Matte Black or Matte Gray to match - or contrast wi Mfg: TandemkrossCheck price and Read more Detail At Tandemkross

Mgw Sight Pro & Rangemaster Sight Mover Slide Shoes - Colt Mustang .380 Slide Shoe
Mgw Sight Pro & Rangemaster Sight Mover Slide Shoes - Colt Mustang .380 Slide Shoe

Slide Shoe - Unique clamping shoes are firearm specific. These work with the MGW Sight Pro. SP102 fits Glock except G42 SP103 fits Springfield XD-S SP104 fits S&W M&P Shield only SP105 fits Colt 1911, Sig 1911, Bersa Thunder, Kimber Ultra Carry II, Springfield EMP 9mm, Para-Ordnance Carry 12 SP106 fits Sprigfield XD, XDM only SP107 fits S&W 3rd Generation 9mm SP108 fit FN 9mm/.40 cal(FNP, FNS, FNX) Forty-Nine/FNS-9C/FN509 SP109 fits Sig Sauer (P220, P225, P226, P228, P229, P239) SP110 fits Sig Pro Series SP111 fits Beretta 92 SP112 fits Beretta Cougar/PX4 SP113 fits HK USP/P2000/P30/P45 SP114 Mfg: MgwCheck price and Read more Detail At Mgw

Manticore Arms, Inc Ak Triangle Stock
Manticore Arms, Inc Ak Triangle Stock

Ever looked at one of those Russian sidefolder Ask and wished that your gun could have that feature? Well, depending on how deeply you've dug into the issue, maybe you've realized that's easier said than done. However, Manticore Arms developed a simple solution for today's AK owners in the form of its AK Triangle Stock. Unlike the standard Russian sidefolding stock, which requires an entire receiver rebuild, the Manticore Arms AK Triangle Stock fits onto any standard 10-32 stock adapter or hinge, which is offered by a number of companies on the market, including Stormwerkz, ACE Rifle Stocks or DPH Arms. This makes a sidefolding-style stock easily adapted to your AK ri Mfg: Manticore Arms, IncCheck price and Read more Detail At Manticore Arms, Inc

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