Shotgun Barrel Re Bluing

Shotgun Barrel Re Bluing

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Marlin Locking Bolt
Marlin Locking Bolt

LOCKING BOLT Mfg: MarlinCheck price and Read more Detail At Marlin

Agency Arms Drop-In Trigger For Glock Red - Drop-In Trigger For Glock Gen 5 9/40, Red
Agency Arms Drop-In Trigger For Glock Red - Drop-In Trigger For Glock Gen 5 9/40, Red

Installing a Red Flat-Faced Trigger Kit from Agency Arms is the quickest, easiest way to make a major upgrade to the performance of your Glock. By a special arrangement with the folks at Agency, Brownells is the ONLY place where you want get this special edition of the flat-faced trigger with an eye-catching, red anodized finish on the trigger shoe. The Red Flat-Face Trigger is a drop-in upgrade - meaning you can do it yourself in a few minutes - that gives your Glock a noticeably smoother trigger pull with minimal pre-travel and a short, snappy, positive reset. A high-polish trigger bar and a Glock factory "minus" trigger connector work together to produce a consistent, ev Mfg: Agency Arms LlcCheck price and Read more Detail At Agency Arms Llc

Lee Precision 6 Cavity Handgun Moulds - 45 Caliber (0.452
Lee Precision 6 Cavity Handgun Moulds - 45 Caliber (0.452") 228gr 1-Radius Ogive 6-Cavity Mold

The Lee 6 Cavity Handgun moulds are made for heavy duty volume production. Moulds and blocks have steel bushings and alignment pins for lasting pecision. Price includes a cam operated sprue plate to eliminate the pounding common to ordinary moulds. The sprue plate is hard anodized and held down with wave washers at each end. All Lee mould blocks are made from aluminum because of its exceptional moulding qualities. All mould cavities are CNC machined for unmatched roundness and size control. Does not include handles. Mfg: Lee PrecisionCheck price and Read more Detail At Lee Precision

Brownells Shotgun Sight Bead Kit
Brownells Shotgun Sight Bead Kit "c" With Shoulders - No. 13 Refill Sight, Single Pak

Brownells Shotgun Sight Kit "C" is a must have for any gunsmith or sporting goods store looking to save valuable time and really please their customers. We have taken everything that's great about our Shotgun Sight Kits "A" and "B" - like their unparalleled selection of high-quality and size-popular sight beads - and added a special feature to make the beads in Kit "C" fast, easy, and convenient to install . . . every time. Every sight bead in Shotgun Sight Kit "C" has the advantage of skirted shoulders. What this means to you, the professional gunsmith or the sporting goods store owner, is you'll never have to g Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Brass and Stainless Steel Beads in 3½" (8.9cm) x 7" (17.9cm) clear plastic box.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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