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Mec-Gar Cz 75b 9mm Magazines - Cz 75b Mag 9mm Blue 16 Rds
Mec-Gar Cz 75b 9mm Magazines - Cz 75b Mag 9mm Blue 16 Rds

Made from certified, carbon steel; TIG welded and finished without seams, then heat treated for durability.These are the same magazines that are supplied by many European handgun makers as original equipment. This magazine will not fit pre-B CZ 75 or 85 pistols. B suffix was added in 1998. Pre-B CZs do not have a firing pin block safety, reversible magazine release or ambidextrous safety. Mfg: Mec-Gar SPECS: Steel, blue (BL) finish. RNDS. indicates capacity of magazine.Check price and Read more Detail At Mec-Gar

Burris Signature Zee Rings - 1
Burris Signature Zee Rings - 1" Medium Gloss Rings

This patented ring design utilizes synthetic inserts that pivot within a steel outer ring allowing them to line up scope tube and rings without bending or stressing the scope tube. This assures no optical distortion. The rings come completely ready to go and can be used on any Weaver-Style base. Mfg: Burris Heights measured from top of the base to underside of the scope tube.1"Med .270", High .420" 30mm Med .205", High .330", Extra High .582"Check price and Read more Detail At Burris

Sinclair International Carbide Expander Mandrels - 270 Caliber (0.276
Sinclair International Carbide Expander Mandrels - 270 Caliber (0.276") Carbide Expander Mandrel

Sinclair Carbide Neck Expander Mandrels are ground from solid carbide stock, which yields closer tolerances and more lubricity. Carbide is also better at resisting galling which can leave behind material and scratch the inside of your necks. The shape, finish, and size are the result of years of use and experimentation by many hand loaders. Sinclair expander mandrels are made .001" smaller than bullet diameter. Using an expander mandrel prior to neck turning sizes the case to fit the neck turning mandrels perfectly, or use prior to bullet seating to get more concentric necks and perfect neck tension. All Sinclair Mandrels are designed for use with the Sinclair Expander Die an Mfg: Sinclair InternationalCheck price and Read more Detail At Sinclair International

Smith & Wesson Sear Spring
Smith & Wesson Sear Spring

SEAR SPRING Mfg: Smith & WessonCheck price and Read more Detail At Smith & Wesson

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