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Norma 22 Caliber (0.224
Norma 22 Caliber (0.224") Oryx Bonded Bullets - 22 Caliber (0.224") 55gr Oryx Bonded 100/Box

Norma's Oryx Bonded Bullets insure perfect mushrooming because each bullet has a thin forward jacket with internal splitting zones. They also feature a thicker rear jacket to ensure high residual weight after impact and expansion in the target. The Norma Oryx Bonded Bullets have rapid expansion, excellent penetration, and high energy transfer which make them a perfect choice for the North American Big Game Hunter. 22 caliber (0.224") bullet diameter Bullet weight: 53 grains 100 bullets per box Norma's Oryx Bonded Bullets are the most rapid opening of the bonded core bullets available on the market today. Mfg: NormaCheck price and Read more Detail At Norma

Dewey Large Bore Rods - Dewey 12-28 44
Dewey Large Bore Rods - Dewey 12-28 44" Rod

Large, 5/16" diameter, nylon-coated, steel rods decrease flex and provide easier cleaning of rifle bores .35 caliber and larger. Ball bearings in the handle let the rod follow the rifling. 35C rod has a 12-28 thread that accepts Dewey Jags and Adapters. Comes with 12-28 to 8-32 tpi adapter and 35J rifle jag. 50 BMG combines a 44" coated section with a stainless steel extension for 62" of cleaning length. A ball bearing handle lets the rod follow the rifling. Specifically designed for use on your 50 BMG. Only the 44", coated section touches your bore; the additional 18" provides additional torque and length to clear oversize actions. Includes 50J, . Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Handles are 1-1/8" (2.9cm) dia. x 2-7/8" (7.3cm) long. All rods fit .35 caliber and larger. 35CF-36 rod 36" (91cm) long, 35CF-44 rod (111cm) long. BMG Cleaning Rod - 62" (157.5cm) length.Check price and Read more Detail At Dewey

Brownells Ar-15 5.56mm Safety Selector No Tick Mark
Brownells Ar-15 5.56mm Safety Selector No Tick Mark

Reproduction AR-15 safety selector, without a tick mark indicator. Features a black finish. Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Hornady Case & Parts Dryer
Hornady Case & Parts Dryer

With an innovative top mounted powerhead that dries cases and gun parts quickly and easily, the Hornady Case & Parts Dryer features multiple levels for increased capacity. With three trays and a spacer for taller parts, the Case & Parts Dryer is quickly disassembled for easy clean up. 4" fan, 400 watts, 120 volt Top mounted fan & heater Easy clean up 3 trays 1 spacer to accommodate large parts No tray rotation needed Capacity (total cases): 720 Ct. 9mm / 375 Ct. 223 Rem Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

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