Sb Tactical Braces

Sb Tactical Braces

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Egw Picatinny Extrusion - 24
Egw Picatinny Extrusion - 24" Long Unanodized Extrusion W/O Slots

Picatinny cross-section aluminum rail stock gives you a head start on building custom scope bases. Pre-contoured, so you need only cut to required length, mill cross-slots, radius the underside (if needed), and drill mounting holes. Much easier than machining from scratch from bar stock. Perfect for installations that require special ring positioning. Place cross-slots only where you need them; dovetail contour accepts Picatinny or Weaver-style rings. Channel down the center keeps weight to a minimum without compromising rigidity. Mfg: Egw SPECS: 6061 T6 aluminum. 24" (61cm) long, .655" height.Check price and Read more Detail At Egw

Sinclair International Premium Primer Pocket Uniformer Kit
Sinclair International Premium Primer Pocket Uniformer Kit

The Sinclair Premium Primer Pocket Uniformer Kit includes everything you need to uniform the primer pockets on most brass. Precision ground and will cut the primer pocket to a uniform depth every time. Made from high quality Tungsten Carbide, these uniformers were made to stay sharp, and last you a lifetime. Uniformer Kit includes a Universal Handle, Power Adapter, and uniformers to fit Small Rifle, Small Pistol, Large Rifle, and Large Pistol primer pockets. Mfg: Sinclair InternationalCheck price and Read more Detail At Sinclair International

Remington Nipple
Remington Nipple

NIPPLE Mfg: RemingtonCheck price and Read more Detail At Remington

Swift Bullet A-Frame Lever Action Rifle Bullets - 30 Caliber (0.308
Swift Bullet A-Frame Lever Action Rifle Bullets - 30 Caliber (0.308") 150gr Semi-Spitzer 50/Box

In 2012, Swift will introduce its new "Lever Action Series." These new bullets are a re-configured A-Frame design. This new design allows the bullet to open up at very low velocities, which is critical in these slow moving cartridges. On the high end of the velocity scale the bullet functions well up to approximately 2700 fps. For deer size animals to dangerous game, these new A-Frame bullets offer maximum performance from your lever action rifle never before achievable. Mfg: Swift Bullet Co.Check price and Read more Detail At Swift Bullet Co.

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