Savage 308 Assault Rifle

Savage 308 Assault Rifle

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Berger Bullets Elite Hunter 338 Caliber (0.338
Berger Bullets Elite Hunter 338 Caliber (0.338") Hybrid Bullets - 338 Caliber (0.338") 250gr Hybrid Boat Tail 100/Box

Like the Classic Hunters, these Elite Hunter bullets combine the best of both tangent and secant ogive features, resulting in high ballistic performance with less sensitivity to seating depth. The Elite Hunter bullets are not limited to SAAMI standards, so they have much longer noses than the Classic Hunter bullets to provide hunters with the highest ballistic performance possible. Mfg: Berger BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets Elr 375 Caliber (0.375
Berger Bullets Elr 375 Caliber (0.375") Match Solid Bullets - 375 Caliber (0.375") 407gr Elr Match Solid 50/Box

Long-range precision-rifle matches are taking off, as manufacturers produce match-grade guns at prices that more of today's budget-minded shooters can afford. However, punching paper or ringing steel at distance requires the right round, and that's why Berger Bullets created its Extreme Long Range Match Solid projectiles. Fans of extreme long-range shooting are pushing their platforms to two miles and beyond, thanks to cutting-edge targeting and rifle technology. Now, with Berger's help, the ammunition is there, too! These rounds are lathe-turned from solid copper and feature an optimized VLD ogive design to provide accuracy for miles-long shots. Berger Bullets ELR M Mfg: Berger BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Berger Bullets

Hornady Dgs 9.3mm (0.366
Hornady Dgs 9.3mm (0.366") Flat Nose Bullets - 9.3mm (0.366") 300gr Flat Nose 50/Box

Incorporates the flat nose concept with meplat diameters designed and tested to resist deformation and achieve ultimate straight deep penetration this is required when hunting the largest most dangerous game species on the planet The DGS provides the perfect follow-up bullet when hunting dangerous game Each caliber utilizes the same profile for both the DGS bullets, offering the ultimate uniformity, which is ideal when shooting both bullet types through the same firearm The heavy copper clad steel jacket and high antimony lead core penetrate deep through hide, muscle and bone. Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Swarovski Z6i 3-18x50mm Scope 4w-I Reticle - 3-18x50mm 4w-I Matte Black
Swarovski Z6i 3-18x50mm Scope 4w-I Reticle - 3-18x50mm 4w-I Matte Black

The improved slim design and the advanced functions bring the well-established optical superiority of the Z6I rifle scopes to perfection: The newly designed mechanisms on the Ballistic Turret and the Parallax Turret optimize their handling. The rifle scopes of the Z6- 2nd generation are available in eight different models. Whatever your intended use, you are sure to find the perfect rifle scope for your requirements. Optimized, slimmer illumination unit provides unrestricted view and SWAROLIGHT automatic shut-off with inlination sensor helps increase battery life. All scopes are supplied with transparent protective caps, battery for reticle illumination, spare battery holder with spare ba Mfg: SwarovskiCheck price and Read more Detail At Swarovski

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