Sniper Rifle Bullets Explode

Sniper Rifle Bullets Explode

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Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out
Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out

Brushless bore-cleaning foam dissolves carbon, copper, brass, bronze, black powder, and smokeless powder fouling. Foam suspends and absorbs the fouling for superb cleaning. Contains corrosion inhibitors so you can leave the cleaner in the bore for up to 24 hours. Won't harm modern gunstock finishes, carbon steel, or stainless steel; contains no acid or ammonia. Mfg: Sharp Shoot R SPECS: Aerosol, 5 oz. (142g). Will remove antique finishes such as varnish, shellac, oil and lacquer.Check price and Read more Detail At Sharp Shoot R

Nosler 9mm (0.355
Nosler 9mm (0.355")147gr Sporting Handgun Jacketed Hollow Point Bullets - 9mm (0.355") 147gr Sporting Handgun Jhp 250/Box

Nosler's 9mm 147-grain jacketed hollow point bullets deliver superb accuracy and consistency for paper targets, steel, hunting, or self-defense. Each bullet is produced on the same type of industry-leading, fully automated machinery as Nosler's premium rifle bullets. Brand Style: Sporting Handgun Bullet Style: Jacketed Hollow Point Caliber: 9mm Bullet Diameter: 0.355" Bullet Weight: 147 Quantity: 250 Production lots are never mixed, and each bullet is hand-inspected, so each one you load from that lot will give you the consistent, reliable performance Nosler bullets are famous for. Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

Brownells Wool Bore Mops - Fits .50 Cal, Per 3
Brownells Wool Bore Mops - Fits .50 Cal, Per 3

A classic favorite for gun cleaning; virgin wool mop holds lots of bore cleaner or oil, so both ends of the barrel get thoroughly coated. The natural "spring" of wool helps the mop conform easily to rifling grooves; the looped and twisted brass shank and coupling won't scratch the bore. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Wool, brass shank and coupling. Rifle/Pistol - 3¼" (8.3cm) long, 8-32 thread except for .17 cal. (5-40 thread). Shotgun - 2-7⁄8" (7.3cm) long, 5⁄16"-27 thread.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Forster Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Bushings - Neck Bushing .300   Diameter
Forster Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Bushings - Neck Bushing .300 Diameter

Forster neck sizing bushing are made to use with the Forster Precision Plus Bushing Bump Dies only, and they are not interchangeable with other brands of bushings. Forster bushings are made in .001 inch increments in the sizes needed for the dies Forster makes. All Forster bushings are cryogenically treated to make them ultra smooth and long lasting. .281 to .343 Mfg: ForsterCheck price and Read more Detail At Forster

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