Smithfield Armory 1911 9mm

Smithfield Armory 1911 9mm

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Bradley Gunsight Sight Beads - Std Bead, 5/32
Bradley Gunsight Sight Beads - Std Bead, 5/32" 6-48 Tpi, 7/64" Shank, White, 3-Pak

Standard Bradley - Places the front sight bead on a block of steel for positive indexing, greater surface area and increased strength. Available in red and white colored plastic or gold brass beads. Metric Bradley - Beads are all white in color. Solid Brass Bradley - Uniform yellow brass (gold) or white brass (silver) beads with or without positive-stop skirts. Mfg: Bradley Gunsight SPECS: Standard Base - steel, blue. Bead - Plastic, red or white. Brass Beads - gold or silver.Check price and Read more Detail At Bradley Gunsight

Brownells Colt Single Action Hand Slot Stoning Kit - Sa Stoning Kit
Brownells Colt Single Action Hand Slot Stoning Kit - Sa Stoning Kit

You can't get a great action job with out cleaning up every bit of roughness inside the Single Action Army's frame. You'll be amazed at how much you can reduce the single action's cocking effort and lighten perceived trigger pull without ever touching the critical trigger/hammer notches. Well worth the effort on first and second generation Colts, especially important on 3rd generation and clones with cast or roughly forged frames. The MF-414 stone fits nicely in the hand slot and cuts quickly to get rid of casting roughness. Follow with the HF-823 to make a slick, polished path for the hand. Use the MF-14 to round the nose of the hammer notch. Thanks to Eddie Janis of Pe Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Kit contains three stones in padded plastic box: MF-414, MF-14 and HF-823. Dimensions are approximate and may vary. MF-414 - medium India, 5/16" (7.9mm) wide x 3/16" (4.8mm) thick, tapers to 1/16" (1.6mm) thick x 4" (10cm) long; MF-14 - medium India " (6.3mm) square x 4" long.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Nosler Custom Competition 30 Caliber(0.308
Nosler Custom Competition 30 Caliber(0.308") Hpbt Bullets - 30 Caliber (0.308") 168gr Hollow Point Boat Tail 100/Box

Nosler has combined the accuracy of the SAME bullet jackets used in custom bullets with their own ultra-precise lead alloy cores to create high performance match bullets in 30 calibers. These bullets are being used by High Power and Long-Range shooters more and more! 100 count box. Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

Colt Mustang Lite 380 Assembly Pin
Colt Mustang Lite 380 Assembly Pin

MUSTANG LITE 380 ASSEMBLY PIN Mfg: ColtCheck price and Read more Detail At Colt

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