Smith Wesson Rear Sight

Smith Wesson Rear Sight

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Norma 8mm (0.323
Norma 8mm (0.323") Vulcan Protected Point Bullets - 8mm (0.323") 196gr Vulkan Protected Point 100/Box

The Norma Vulkan is a traditional jacketed lead core bullet with a few modern tweaks to make a good thing better. Norma has taken the traditional design and made the jacket thinner around the nose to make it expand faster and more reliably, then folded that jacket over the nose a little to prevent damage in the magazine during recoil. The result is the Vulkan Protected Point Bullet: A true classic round for the all-around hunter, perfect for game like red and mule deer, and mean-as-hell wild boar. 8mm (0.323") bullet diameter Bullet style: Protected point Bullet weight 196 grains 100 bullets per box It isn't as pretty as other th Mfg: NormaCheck price and Read more Detail At Norma

Kahles K525i 5-25x56mm Scope Ccw Ffp Skmr3 Reticle - 5-25x56mm Ccw Ffp Skmr3 Left Windage
Kahles K525i 5-25x56mm Scope Ccw Ffp Skmr3 Reticle - 5-25x56mm Ccw Ffp Skmr3 Left Windage

The rugged K525i with its practical magnification range has been developed for tactical use and long distances. It is intended to help ambitious shooters to achieve records. The clearly defined, precise clicks, together with the exceptional repeat accuracy, provide highest precision and reliability. Kahles optics have a unique feature. First, the parallax adjustment is a dial located just under the Elevation turret, allowing easy adjustment using either hand. Secondly, the optic can be ordered with the windage adjustment on either the traditional right side, or on the left side. This allows the shooter the ability to use his non-dominant hand to make windage adjustments without breaki Mfg: KahlesCheck price and Read more Detail At Kahles

Criterion Barrels Inc Ar-15/M16 Hybrid Rifle Barrels - 20
Criterion Barrels Inc Ar-15/M16 Hybrid Rifle Barrels - 20" Hybrid Rifle Length Barrel W/ Headspaced Bolt

The Hybrid contour AR-15 barrels offer an ideal configuration for those seeking extreme accuracy without the added weight of an HBAR contour. An indent is provided opposite the gas port to enable easy installation. Also included is an M4 barrel extension. These barrels accept muzzle devices with a 1/2x28 thread. Chambers are finished, but barrels should be headspaced and installed by a qualified gunsmith. Included are a headspaced BCM Bolt Assembly with your Criterion chrome-lined barrel. The BCM Bolt is MPI tested, includes tool steel machined extractor, BCM Extractor Spring and is shot peened for increased strength. Mfg: Criterion Barrels Inc SPECS: Milspec Carpenter No. 158 Steel; HPT (High Pressure Test/Proof); MPI Bolt (Magnetic Particle Inspected); Shot Peened Bolt; Tool Steel Extractor; BCM Extractor Spring; Black Extractor Insert; Mil-Spec O-Ring, .750 ID".Check price and Read more Detail At Criterion Barrels Inc

Wheeler Engineering Delta Series Compact Ar Multi-Tool
Wheeler Engineering Delta Series Compact Ar Multi-Tool

Nothing sucks more than your rifle breaking down at the range, and dragging a tool box along is a pain. That's why Wheeler came up with the Wheeler Delta Series Compact AR Multi-Tool. The tool is able to perform many different functions, from adjustments to scraping carbon build-up off your firearm. The Delta Series Compact AR Multi-Tool is compact yet durable and does not sacrifice quality for affordability. This tool may be tucked away in your pocket so you can focus on shooting. Fits compact nylon belt sheath (included) Satin-finish, stainless steel construction Durable design Complete with an AR Carbon Multi-Scraper Tool, 5/64" Hex, 7/64" Mfg: Wheeler EngineeringCheck price and Read more Detail At Wheeler Engineering

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