Smith Wesson Firing Pin

Smith Wesson Firing Pin

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Dem-Bart Checkering Gauge
Dem-Bart Checkering Gauge

Easy-to-use template identifies checkering spacings from 16 to 32 lines-per-inch. Place over pattern to be measured and match the lines on the proper scale. Oblique diamond shape helps provide accurate determination of layout lines. Mfg: Dem-Bart SPECS: 9" (22.9cm) x 2¾" (7cm).Check price and Read more Detail At Dem-Bart

Truglo 3/4
Truglo 3/4" Picatinny Riser Mount

The TruGlo ¾" Picatinny riser mount is easily installed without any modification. The riser is ideal for mounting traditional optics but works well with red dot style sights as well. The ¾" Picatinny riser mount is perfect for a Flattop AR-15 application, where additional height is often needed to put shooters in a proper position to use an optic. CNC-machined aluminum Raises mounting surface ¾" Approximately 4" in length The ¾" Picatinny riser mount by TruGlo is mounted directly to the existing Picatinny-style rail. Mfg: TrugloCheck price and Read more Detail At Truglo

Caspian 1911 Adjustable Sights - Lpa Round Ghost Ring
Caspian 1911 Adjustable Sights - Lpa Round Ghost Ring

Low profile body with rounded corners helps eliminate snagging. Serrated rear blade prevents glare and helps guide your eye to the sight. Target - narrow notch provides precise, open sighting for Bullseye or target competition. Round Ghost Ring - gives quick sight alignment for fast target acquisition. Diamond Ghost Ring - combines speed and accuracy in bright lighting conditions when used with fiber optic front sights. Two models fit the BM-1 sight cut or the LPA sight cut found on Springfield, Para-Ord and others. Fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Mfg: Caspian SPECS: Steel, black, matte finish. Rear blade .423" (10.7mm) high .900" (22.8mm) wide. Target notch .128" (3.27mm) wide. Installation requires machining of slide. Ship wt.½ lb.Check price and Read more Detail At Caspian

Grobet File Co. Of America Inc .0025
Grobet File Co. Of America Inc .0025" Stainless Steel Brushing Wheels - 4 Row

Found for us by Ray Hall, Griffith, IN, these baby-soft wire wheels are perfect for carding between coats when rust bluing, or when using the Hot Water Method with Dicropan IM Bluing Solution. Won't remove metal, or give "satin" look. Mfg: Grobet File Co. Of America Inc SPECS: 6" (15.2cm) diameter wheels available in 2 row and 4 row. .0025" diameter stainless steel wire. Staggered rows of 1-3⁄4" (4.44cm) long, tufted bristles. 1⁄4" (6.35mm) hole through 2" (51mm) diameter wood center (drill to fit). 2 row has ½" (13mCheck price and Read more Detail At Grobet File Co. Of America Inc

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