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Ruger 1
Ruger 1" Scope Ring - 1" Scope Ring, 5ktg, High Target Gray

High-quality Ruger factory rings install easily and provide solid, zero-movement scope attachment to Ruger rifles and handguns with integral bases, No. 1 rifles with factory base, and No. 3 rifles with special factory bases available separately. Low, Medium, High, and Extra-High heights in blued carbon steel, natural stainless steel, or stainless with Ruger's proprietary matte Target Grey finish. Sold as single rings. Mfg: Ruger SPECS: Carbon steel, polished blue finish (BL), stainless steel, natural (SS), or Target Grey (TG) finish. Ring heights measured from top of base to bottom of scope tube. Low - .325". Medium (Med.) - .435". High - .565". Extra-High (X-High) - .680". Offset Ring availaCheck price and Read more Detail At Ruger

Nightforce Unimounts - 34mm 1.44
Nightforce Unimounts - 34mm 1.44" 20 Moa Unimount

The Nightforce Unimounts are designed to remain on the scope at all times, allowing quick removal of the scope or interfacing with different firearms. It is the most accurate Mil. Std. 1913 mount available, incorporating a built-in 20 MOA taper to maximize long-range capability. The Unimount is the ultimate mount for attaching to weapons with an integral Mil. Std. 1913 flat top-type receiver. Precise tolerances ensure that the riflescope is not subjected to stress, strain or bending as the ring screws are tightened. CNC machined from 7075-T6, the Unimount is finished with a matte black coating. Mfg: NightforceCheck price and Read more Detail At Nightforce

Nighthawk Custom 1911 Firing Pin & Stop - Firing Pin Stop
Nighthawk Custom 1911 Firing Pin & Stop - Firing Pin Stop

Firing Pin is machined to exact tolerances from stainless steel for a tight, precise fit to prevent primer flow. Separate models for .45 ACP and 9mm/.38 Super, so you can get the correct weight and size to ensure reliable ignition in your gun with a variety of primers. Firing Pin Stop is machined slightly oversized from solid carbon steel bar stock, allowing for custom fitting to get a solid, exact fit that keeps the extractor properly positioned for reliable extraction and feeding. Radiused edges help prevent stress cracking. Mfg: Nighthawk Custom SPECS: Firing Pin X"X Stainless steel. Models for .45 ACP and 9mm/.38 Super. Firing Pin Stop X"X Steel, blued. Fits all calibers.Check price and Read more Detail At Nighthawk Custom

Heckler & Koch Hk91 200492 Plunger, Sear (Trigger Bolt) - Plunger, Sear (Trigger Bolt)
Heckler & Koch Hk91 200492 Plunger, Sear (Trigger Bolt) - Plunger, Sear (Trigger Bolt)

HK91 200492 PLUNGER, SEAR (TRIGGER BOLT) Mfg: Heckler & KochCheck price and Read more Detail At Heckler & Koch

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