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Brownells 100 Paks 100% Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches - 1-3/4
Brownells 100 Paks 100% Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches - 1-3/4" Square, 7mm-.38/.357 Cal

Now you can choose your favorite size and shape of Brownells cleaning patch without buying more than you need. High-quality, 100% Cotton Flannel Patches in convenient, resealable bags of 100. Saves weight and space, perfect for hunting or shooting excursions. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 100 patches per bag. Master Pack includes 100 each of the following patches: 7/8" #1 Square 1-3/8" #2 Square 1-3/4" #3 Square 2-1/2" #4 Square 3" #5 Square 7/8" #1 Round 1-1/4" #2 Round 1-3/4&quoCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Brownells "unsafe To Fire" Tags - Unsafe To Fire Tags, 25-Pak

Bright red paper tags with black lettering clearly indicate that a weapon is unsafe to fire. Perfect for guns that simply can't be repaired, when parts are unavailable, or when a customer tells you "it's Grandpa's gun and I want to hang it over the fireplace". Reinforced grommet securely attaches the tag to the firearm. Tags are perforated for easy tearing so that both the shop owner and the customer have a record of the status. Lines for customer information and firearm information are provided. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Paper, red with black lettering. 7.5" (19cm) x 3" (7.6cm). Available in 25-paks or 50-paks.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Egw Picatinny Extrusion - 16
Egw Picatinny Extrusion - 16" Long Black Extrusion W/Slots

Picatinny cross-section aluminum rail stock gives you a head start on building custom scope bases. Pre-contoured, so you need only cut to required length, mill cross-slots, radius the underside (if needed), and drill mounting holes. Much easier than machining from scratch from bar stock. Perfect for installations that require special ring positioning. Place cross-slots only where you need them; dovetail contour accepts Picatinny or Weaver-style rings. Channel down the center keeps weight to a minimum without compromising rigidity. Mfg: Egw SPECS: 6061 T6 aluminum. 24" (61cm) long, .655" height.Check price and Read more Detail At Egw

Black Hills Ammunition 5.56x45mm Nato 77gr Open Tip Match Ammo - 5.56x45mm Nato 77gr Otm 50/Box
Black Hills Ammunition 5.56x45mm Nato 77gr Open Tip Match Ammo - 5.56x45mm Nato 77gr Otm 50/Box

Whether you are varmint hunting, target shooting or on duty protecting our country, Black Hills 5.56x45mm 77gr Open Tip Match Factory New Ammo is designed to provide you with optimum results. Black Hills is known through the shooting industry for combining the finest components available to build the best ammunition in the business. Ammunition is new production, made with reloadable boxer primed brass. Mfg: Black Hills AmmunitionCheck price and Read more Detail At Black Hills Ammunition

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