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Nightforce Ts-82 Spotting Scopes - Straight 20-70x82mm Ts-82 Spotting Scope
Nightforce Ts-82 Spotting Scopes - Straight 20-70x82mm Ts-82 Spotting Scope

The folks at Nightforce designed the TS-82 to give the same optical clarity as shooters have come to expect from their rifle scopes. It produces vivid, high-contrast images with razor-sharp resolution and no distortion from edge to edge even at the top of its 20-70x magnification range. The 82mm objective lens ensures exceptional low-light performance, and an internal prism system provides maximum light transmission, unlike mirrors that can absorb critical light. Lens is ground from high-grade APO (apochromatic) fluorite glass for exceptionally true, brilliant color. Nightforce's proprietary coatings same as used on their rifle scopes result in superb contras Mfg: Nightforce SPECS: Straight model is 16.4" OAL. Angled is 15.9" OAL. Eye relief: 18mm. 67 oz. approx. wt.Check price and Read more Detail At Nightforce

Rcbs Steel Neck Sizing Bushings - 0.274
Rcbs Steel Neck Sizing Bushings - 0.274" Steel Neck Sizing Bushing

RCBS Steel Neck Bushings are interchangeable to let the reloader select a bushing that gives precisely the right amount of tension on the bullet when using RCBS Gold Medal Match sizing dies. Using a precisely fitted Steel Neck Bushing reduces work hardening of the case neck brass, prolonging case life and helping to improve accuracy. Self-centering for proper alignment with case neck For best results, the use of high-end brass with consistent neck thicknesses is recommended Bushings come "in-the-white" - bare steel - so traditional case lubrication is required For use ONLY with RCBS Gold Medal sizing dies RCBS recommends having neck bushings one t Mfg: RcbsCheck price and Read more Detail At Rcbs

Brownells Scope Shim Kit - .860
Brownells Scope Shim Kit - .860"x.006" Refill

An economical and practical kit that provides a complete selection of scope shims. When "just a little more" height is needed for perfect scope base and ring alignment. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Steel, blued. Kit contains 10 of each hole spacing and thickness (80 total). Available in .600" (15.2mm) and .860" (21.8mm) c-to-c hole spacing and .006" (.152mm), .008" (.203mm), .010" (.254mm), .012" (.304mm) thickness. Refills sold 10 each per pak.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Novak 1911 Nxt Extended Thumb Safeties - Nxt Safety, Blued
Novak 1911 Nxt Extended Thumb Safeties - Nxt Safety, Blued

Novak takes the 1911 safety a step further with streamlined styling and several operating enhancements. A re-designed detent enables extremely positive engagement and helps hold the plunger tube against the frame to keep it from working loose. The right-hand paddle on the ambidextrous model is keyed and pinned to the shaft to prevent flex and eliminate the need for the grip to hold the right lever in place. It also permits a much slimmer paddle that works with any grip, including LaserGrips. Completely "carry beveled" with all sharp edges removed for shooter comfort and control. Mfg: Novak SPECS: Carbon steel, blued, or stainless steel, natural finish. Fitting required for installation. Gunsmith installation recommended.Check price and Read more Detail At Novak

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