Mk1 Rifle Caliber And Rifle 223 Caliber Range

Mk1 Rifle Caliber And Rifle 223 Caliber Range

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Rcbs Tungsten Coated Neck Sizing Bushing - 0.188
Rcbs Tungsten Coated Neck Sizing Bushing - 0.188" Tungsten Neck Sizing Bushing

RCBS Coated Neck Bushings are interchangeable to let the reloader select a bushing that gives precisely the right amount of tension on the bullet when using RCBS Gold Medal Match neck sizing dies. These bushings have a Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) anti-friction coating, so they do not require use to traditional case lube. Self-centering for proper alignment with case neck For best results, use of high-end brass with consistent neck thicknesses For use ONLY with RCBS Gold Medal neck sizing dies RCBS recommends having neck bushings one to two sizes above and below your target diameter (see note below). RCBS Coated Neck Bushings are a small but critical component in loa Mfg: RcbsCheck price and Read more Detail At Rcbs

Lucas Oil Products Gun Oil - Gun Oil 18 Pack W/Display Case
Lucas Oil Products Gun Oil - Gun Oil 18 Pack W/Display Case

Used and recommended by major firearms manufacturers, Lucas Hunting Gun Oil is a special blend of oil and petroleum-extracted additives producing an all-weather, odorless lubricant. Its odorless formulation is a must for use on hunting firearms. The polymeric film protects metal from rust, wear and moisture during all hunting and shooting conditions. Applying Lucas Hunting Gun Oil to the bore and action makes clean-up of powder residue, copper fouling and wad fouling a much easier task. It resists burning off many times longer than conventional gun oils. Lucas Hunting Gun Oil cuts through rust and frees stuck parts and actions. It neutralizes acids from fingerprints to help prevent rustin Mfg: Lucas Oil ProductsCheck price and Read more Detail At Lucas Oil Products

Brownells Fringed Gun Cover
Brownells Fringed Gun Cover

Keep your buffalo rifle, coach gun, or traditional muzzleloader safe and secure in this genuine leather gun sleeve. Beefy, double-stitching prevents tearing under the roughest use. Angled design is tailored after Old West gun covers for a superior fit. Soft leather, sueded on both sides; prevents scratches and protects your firearm from bumps and dings. Folding flap with leather tie closure secures your gun inside the case and keeps trail dust and dampness out. Loop on barrel end allows you to hang the case for storage or to dry out after a long day on the trail. 5½" long, leather fringe is sewn into the bottom seam for an authentic western look. Leather Brownells logo patch on the si Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Leather, russet brown. 66" (168cm) long. Fits rifles and shotguns up to 60" (152cm) long.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Aero Precision M4e1 5.56 Collapsible Stock 20
Aero Precision M4e1 5.56 Collapsible Stock 20" - M4e1 5.56 Collapsable Stock 20"

The Aero Precision M4E1 rifle with 20" barrel gives you the up-to-date features of a modern AR-15 carbine, with the excellent reliability and accuracy of a full rifle. Compactness and maneuverability are great, even necessary in certain circumstances, but if you can accommodate a slightly larger package, the M4E1 20" rifle gives you the benefit of the standard rifle-length gas system's greater reliability AND a gentler recoil impulse. Result: you stay on target better for more rapid, accurate follow-up shots. The longer barrel also gives you extra velocity to reach out to targets beyond the "safe" range of a 14.5" or 16" carbine. The Aero Precision t Mfg: Aero PrecisionCheck price and Read more Detail At Aero Precision

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