Mini-14 Safety Doesn T Work - Ruger Forum

Mini-14 Safety Doesn T Work - Ruger Forum

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Dewey Adjustable Rod Guides - 13
Dewey Adjustable Rod Guides - 13" Rod Guide, .338

Replaces the bolt and protects the rifle chamber during cleaning. Rubber O-ring seals out bore solvent and eliminates contamination to the action, trigger or magazine. Long-wearing, aluminum rod guide collar with threaded, brass adjustment pin gives quick adjustment to any action length. 10" Rod Guide provides hand clearance under the eyepiece with short and medium length scopes. Requires cleaning rod 10" longer than barrel length. 13" Rod Guide gives additional clearance with long varmint and target scopes. Requires cleaning rod 13" longer than barrel length. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Aluminum rod and guide collar, brass adjustment pin. 10" (25cm) or 13" (33cm) long. Fits most centerfire bolt action rifles. Includes spare O-rings and O-ring assembly tool.Check price and Read more Detail At Dewey

Ruger Extractor Spring
Ruger Extractor Spring

FITS: 10/22 - Common Parts, .22 Mfg: RugerCheck price and Read more Detail At Ruger

Brownells 6
Brownells 6" X 1/2" X 1/2" Ceramic Stones - 2 Stone Ground Set

Custom made to our specs from premium ceramic. The cutting action is very fast and the resulting surface very smooth. Perfect for all trigger work from burr removal to final finish. Use dry or with water as a lube (no messy oil); soap and water cleanup. Less fragile than Arkansas stones. Sold in two colors, White and Black. Ground sides for sharp, 90° edges and an extremely fine cutting action for polishing and smoothing triggers and sears, like the 1911 Auto, that require an exact 90° interface for best performance. White stones produce a finer cut than Black. Set contains one of each stone. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: All are 6" (15.2cm) x ½" (12.7mm) x ½" (12.7mm).Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Blackhawk Tactical Rifle Case - Rifle Case, 34
Blackhawk Tactical Rifle Case - Rifle Case, 34"

A shell of abrasion- and mildew-resistant, 1000 denier, Nytaneon nylon surrounds 3⁄8" of padding on the top and bottom of the case for snug, no-slip protection of your rifle and its expensive optics. Padding on the bottom of the case covers the zipper tracks to protect your rifle from scratches. A double-stitched, nylon carry handle is attached to the case with multi-reinforced stitching; an adjustable, padded sling offers a tactical-carry option. All cases accept rifles with mounted optics and fully unzip to be used as a shooting mat. Standard Rifle case is available in 34", 37", and 41" lengths and features four high-capacity magazine pouches (five on 41" case) with positive-close ho Mfg: Blackhawk SPECS: 1000 denier, Nytaneon nylon, black.Check price and Read more Detail At Blackhawk

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