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Polymer80 P80 Barrels For G17 - G17 Barrel Threaded 1/2
Polymer80 P80 Barrels For G17 - G17 Barrel Threaded 1/2"x28, Fluted, Dlc Black, 9mm

Following the company's incredible line of 80-percent Glock pistol lowers, which jump-started an expansive market of handgun builders, an all-new line of Polymer80 G17 barrels are now available, allowing consumers to get this critical component from the same company that offers build-ready frames. Each Polymer80's G17 barrel is made to an incredible level of quality, starting from the sourcing of barrel steel in the form of 17-4 PH stainless-steel bar stock from steel producers right here in the USA. The steel is then machined to precision tolerances, broach-cut rifled and heat-treated to 42 HRC. After that, a range of optional finishes is available for consumers looking for Mfg: Polymer80Check price and Read more Detail At Polymer80

Bartlein Benchrest Barrels - 6mm 1-8
Bartlein Benchrest Barrels - 6mm 1-8" Twist 31" Heavy Varmint Barrel Blank

Bartlein is a barrel maker owned and operated by shooters who have been involved in barrel making for many years. They built state-of-the-art cut rifling machines which Bartlein says can hold uniform twist rates to the 4th decimal point. Several nationally known benchrest shooters shoot Bartlein barrels. We have Bartlein barrls on many of our own benchrest rifles, and they shoot well. Heavy Varmint Blank 6mm 1.250 inch Tapering to .900 inch 1-14 inch Twist, 29 inch Blank. Weighs: 7.5 lbs. 6 mm Light Varmint Blank 1.200 inch Tapering to .875 inch 1-13.5 inch Twist, 29 inch Blank. Weighs: 7 lbs. 6.5mm Heavy Varmint blank 1.250 inch Tapering to .900 inch 1-8.5 inch Twist, 31 inch Blank. Weig Mfg: Bartlein Barrels SPECS: 22 call land/groove diameter: .218/.224. May require live pilot with appropriate sized pilot. SOLID PILOT MAY NOT FIT. 243/6mm land/groove diameter: .237/.243. 6.5mm land groove diameter: .256/.264.Check price and Read more Detail At Bartlein Barrels

Brownells Super-Strip - 10 Lb. Super-Strip
Brownells Super-Strip - 10 Lb. Super-Strip

Steel-safe, powder mixes to a potent stripping solution that quickly breaks down and removes electrolytic nickel, copper, chrome, zinc, cadmium, and electroless nickel plating with no fumes, rusting or damage to the parent metal. Chemical activation stops after all the plating is removed. Use only on STEEL; other metals may be damaged or destroyed- See instructions. Requires a 6-volt, 90-110 amp, deep cycle (GC-1) battery. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 10 lb. (4.5 kg) pail. Makes 2 gal. (256 fl. oz./7.6 L) of solution with enough left for one, 2 gallon rejuvenation.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Fn Fnp-45 45acp Magazines - Fnp-45 Magazine 15-Rd, Fde
Fn Fnp-45 45acp Magazines - Fnp-45 Magazine 15-Rd, Fde

Features: Factory FNH magazines for the FNP Handgun Available for the FNP-45 Stainless steel bodies, with a matte black or flat dark earth finish Polymer floorplate and follower Round count witness holes on the rear Benefits: Durable stainless steel bodies hold up to hard use Factory FNH magazines ensure the highest reliability for your FNP Large polymer floorplate allows a larger gripping area, especially useful when removing magazines from pouches Round count witness holes allow for a quick assessment of remaining rounds Mfg: Fn SPECS: Stainless Steel body. Polymer floorplate and follower.Check price and Read more Detail At Fn

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