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Midwest Industries Inc

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Competition Electronics Indoor Lighting Kit
Competition Electronics Indoor Lighting Kit

Features 72 LEDs that emit invisible, infra-red light for optimum contrast over the optical sensors and reliable, indoor chronograph operation. Eliminates possible invalid readings when using incandescent or florescent light sources that can vary in intensity and coverage. Portable and fast setup, just mount the light arcs and connect power. Red "ON" indicator illuminates when operating. 120 VAC adapter included. Will operate on a 24 VDC source (two 12 Volt batteries wired in series). Shipping box protects the unit during storage and transport. Includes complete instructions. Fits all ProChrono model chronographs. Mfg: Competition Electronics SPECS: Adapter input - 120 VAC 60Hz. Light Arc Input/Adapter Output - 24 VDC 200mA. Power Consumption - Approx. 200mA (100 mA per arc).Check price and Read more Detail At Competition Electronics

Rcbs Steel Neck Sizing Bushings - 0.242
Rcbs Steel Neck Sizing Bushings - 0.242" Steel Neck Sizing Bushing

RCBS Steel Neck Bushings are interchangeable to let the reloader select a bushing that gives precisely the right amount of tension on the bullet when using RCBS Gold Medal Match sizing dies. Using a precisely fitted Steel Neck Bushing reduces work hardening of the case neck brass, prolonging case life and helping to improve accuracy. Self-centering for proper alignment with case neck For best results, the use of high-end brass with consistent neck thicknesses is recommended Bushings come "in-the-white" - bare steel - so traditional case lubrication is required For use ONLY with RCBS Gold Medal sizing dies RCBS recommends having neck bushings one t Mfg: RcbsCheck price and Read more Detail At Rcbs

N.C. Ordnance 1911
N.C. Ordnance 1911 "exotic" Grips - Checkered Govt Model Grips, Ivory/Ambidextrous Cut

Affordable, elegant-looking reproductions of exotic grips are molded from polyurethane resin and finished by hand for a precise fit. Hard, durable resin looks and feels like classic stag antler, or ivory, and won't chip, shrink, or crack over time. Proprietary molding process uses the highest-quality molds cast from mint-condition original grips to ensure there are no unsightly air bubbles in the finished product. Mfg: N.C. Ordnance SPECS: Molded polyurethane resin, simulated Ivory or Stag. Beveled bottom has cutout for mainspring housing pin. Checkered Govt. Model Ivory right grip is cut for ambidextrous safety. All models may require minor fitting.Check price and Read more Detail At N.C. Ordnance

Mgw Sight Pro & Rangemaster Sight Mover Slide Shoes - Kahr P45 Slide Shoe
Mgw Sight Pro & Rangemaster Sight Mover Slide Shoes - Kahr P45 Slide Shoe

Slide Shoe - Unique clamping shoes are firearm specific. These work with the MGW Sight Pro. SP102 fits Glock except G42 SP103 fits Springfield XD-S SP104 fits S&W M&P Shield only SP105 fits Colt 1911, Sig 1911, Bersa Thunder, Kimber Ultra Carry II, Springfield EMP 9mm, Para-Ordnance Carry 12 SP106 fits Sprigfield XD, XDM only SP107 fits S&W 3rd Generation 9mm SP108 fit FN 9mm/.40 cal(FNP, FNS, FNX) Forty-Nine/FNS-9C/FN509 SP109 fits Sig Sauer (P220, P225, P226, P228, P229, P239) SP110 fits Sig Pro Series SP111 fits Beretta 92 SP112 fits Beretta Cougar/PX4 SP113 fits HK USP/P2000/P30/P45 SP114 Mfg: MgwCheck price and Read more Detail At Mgw

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