Memphis Shades Handguards Installation

Memphis Shades Handguards Installation

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Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Target - 8
Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Target - 8" Bullseye, 30 Pack

No need for spotting scopes or binoculars. When the bullet hits, the black is replaced by a bright halo of fluorescent, chartreuse color that makes the hit instantly visible to the naked eye. Convenient, peel-n-stick, self-adhesive backing. 8" Crosshair Round target with fluorescent orange "crosshair" pattern, shows bullet holes as splashes of bright fluorescent orange on impact. Available in paks of 6 or 50 targets. Includes repair pasters. 8" Laser Reflective Round bullseye target with stick-on reflective target centers that provide maximum contrast of aiming dot from laser sight or laser boresighter. Turns fluorescent chartreuse on bullet impact. 1 Mfg: Birchwood Casey SPECS: Vinyl targets, adhesive back.Check price and Read more Detail At Birchwood Casey

Ismi S&W Revolver Chrome Silicon Springs - J-Frame Hammer/Trigger Spring Pak
Ismi S&W Revolver Chrome Silicon Springs - J-Frame Hammer/Trigger Spring Pak

Premium quality springs manufactured to ISO 9002 quality control standards from aerospace-grade chrome silicon steel for consistent, reliable performance and superior durability. Your trigger pull feels better, and your gun performs consistently and reliably. These springs maintain a constant compression rate so they don't stack as spring tension increases. Heat treated, shot peened, and stress relieved to retain loading capability through thousands of compression cycles without taking a set. Trigger Rebound Spring provides a 10% reduced-power (approximately 16.2 lbs.) loading for a lighter, more consistent trigger pull from J, K and L frame revolvers. Hammer/Trigger Spring Pak adds a factor Mfg: Ismi SPECS: Chrome silicon steel wire.Check price and Read more Detail At Ismi

Hiviz Magnetic Base Sights - S400-G Magnetic Base Sight, Green, .328
Hiviz Magnetic Base Sights - S400-G Magnetic Base Sight, Green, .328" To .437"

Magnetic base sight. M-Series - Includes 4 litepipes, 2 red, 2 green. M200: fit ribs from .171" - .265" (11/64 - 17/64"; 4.2 mm - 6.7 mm). Fits Beretta: 686 & 687 models with ultra narrow rib, AL390, A304, AL390 Field, 391 Urika Field; Browning: Gold Series, 28 gauge and .410 Citori; Sigarms: SA-3 Hunter, SA-5 Upland; Benelli: 20 gauge M300: fits ribs from .218" -.328" (7/32 - 21/64"; 5.5 mm - 8.3 mm). Fits Remington: All field models; Browning: Gold 10 gauge, BPS, Auto-5; Beretta: Comp., T & ST ribs, Pintail auto; Ruger: Red Label field guns; Ithaca: Model 37 & other models: Benelli: Super Black Eagle & all field guns; Franchi: Mfg: HivizCheck price and Read more Detail At Hiviz

Brownells Barrel Vise Bushings - Barrel Vise #15 Alum. Bushing I.D. Fal
Brownells Barrel Vise Bushings - Barrel Vise #15 Alum. Bushing I.D. Fal

Aluminum, split barrel bushings come in eight different hole sizes and one, special, pre-machined bushing to make this universal Barrel Vise system the very first choice of professional gunsmit hs. Steel Bushings provide years of service, plus have the necessary clamping power to break loose the tightest barrels. Aluminium Bushings give exceptional holding ability without marking your barrel. Solid Bushings - Solid bushings that have NOT been split so you can alter them as you want. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Bushings - C.R.S. Steel, blue finish. 6160 aluminum, natural finish. #4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are in a range of I.D.'s to closely match the shank diameters of most rifle barrels. #5 Bushing; fits military Mauser 98 barrels. #6 Bushing tapered to fit Remington Factory .30-06 Sporter and other siCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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