Magpul Stock For Hk416

Magpul Stock For Hk416

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Talley Light Weight Scope Mount - Browning A-Bolt 1
Talley Light Weight Scope Mount - Browning A-Bolt 1" Medium Scope Mount

One-piece construction blends the ring and base into a single unit. Eliminating the ring/base joint not only keeps weight to a minimum, it provides a stronger mount. Each ring cap is 5⁄8" wide, with four, TORX screws, to keep large scopes from slipping or shifting. Designed by Mel Forbes of New Ultralight Arms. Mfg: Talley SPECS: 7000 series aluminum, black, anodized, matte finish. Accepts 1" dia. scopes, unless otherwise listed in fits column for 30mm dia. scopes. Height from bottom of ring to top of receiver: Low - .400" (10.1mm), Med - .500" (12.7mm). High - .640" (16.3mm), X‑High - .740" (18.8mm). Approx. weCheck price and Read more Detail At Talley

California Comp. Works
California Comp. Works "shoot A Moon" Clip - Moon Clip Holders

Spring steel clip provides quick-to-grasp, instant access to loaded moon clips for rapid reloads. Steel lip holds carrier secure to belt; won't slide or pull off. Nylon cartridge guide positions rounds for correct alignment. 2 per package. Designed to work specifically with six-shot .45 ACP revolvers but can be modified to work with 9mm, .357 and 10mm six-shot revolvers. Mfg: California Comp. Works SPECS: Spring steel, nickel plated. Nylon guide. Designed to be used with 6-shot, .45ACP clips. Will work with 9mm, .357 and 10mm. Sold in pack of 2.Check price and Read more Detail At California Comp. Works

Accupro Pistol Pac - .22 Cal. Pistol Pac
Accupro Pistol Pac - .22 Cal. Pistol Pac

Jointed sections break down and conveniently fit in the oversize, hollow, easy-to-grab handle. Stores in your range bag or pocket so you can clean handgun bores anywhere. Mfg: Accupro SPECS: Includes plastic handle with collet tip, 8-½" (21cm) long blued steel rod, 8-32 tpi, bronze brush, bore mop, brass jag and screwdriver blade.Check price and Read more Detail At Accupro

Crossbreed Holsters Freedom Holsters - Springfield Xdm Freedom Holster Rh Black
Crossbreed Holsters Freedom Holsters - Springfield Xdm Freedom Holster Rh Black

The Freedom-Carry is the most versatile holster in the Crossbreed lineup. The slim design of this holster gives you the freedom of a comfortable carry, while being supported by the locking clip design. The Freedom-Carry holster will accommodate full size firearms allowing you to carry in many positions from the Appendix, Cross draw, and strong side. The leather shape of the Freedom-Carry has just the right amount of leather to be very comfortable while keeping the frame and slide of the pistol from contacting your body. The pocket of the Freedom-Carry is mounted in a straight draw position and boasts an adjustable cant clip allowing the holster to be moved to the various carry positi Mfg: Crossbreed HolstersCheck price and Read more Detail At Crossbreed Holsters

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