Magpul Fde Moe Magazine

Magpul Fde Moe Magazine

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Weaver Top Mount Bases - #11-#62 - #61 Base
Weaver Top Mount Bases - #11-#62 - #61 Base

Lightweight aluminum bases fit a wide range of modern and older rifles, plus shotguns and long range handguns. Sold each; order front and rear base. Click here to find the right base for your rifle model. One piece bases and base pair sets available for some models. Base pair sets are marked with * or **. View more models: #68 through #604 Mfg: Weaver SPECS: Aluminum, polished blue finish except Matte (M), Silver (S). Extension bases: Front (F), Rear (R). Fits Top Mount and See-Thru Mount Rings.Check price and Read more Detail At Weaver

Brownells Ar-15 Sight Wrench - A1 Ar-15 Sight Wrench
Brownells Ar-15 Sight Wrench - A1 Ar-15 Sight Wrench

Precision machined from tough, stressproof steel with square-profile fingers that grip the sight notches firmly and won't "roll out"; provides easy, exact sight adjustment. Plus, they resist bending and breaking to give years of service. Deeply drilled body fits both issue and tall blade sights. An extra-nice touch are the hex-shaped bodies; they're easy to grasp, easy to turn and won't roll off your bench. Three tools: A1 five-prong and A2 four-prong fit front and rear sights. A1/A2 is double ended to fit both five-detent A1 and four-detent, square blade, A2 front sights only. A2 wrenches also fit FN SCAR. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Stressproof steel, blue finish. A1: five-prong and A2: four-prong (adjusts front and rear). 1-3/8" (3.5cm) long x ¾" (19mm) dia. A1/A2: 2½" (6.4cm) long four-prong/five-prong front only wrench. A2 wrench is designed for the standard A-2 style front postCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Colorado Bullet Cast Lead Bullets - 45 Caliber (0.452
Colorado Bullet Cast Lead Bullets - 45 Caliber (0.452") 185gr Semi-Wadcutter 500/Box

Colorado Bullet cast lead bullets are made from range lead. They melt down, clean and flux the lead from indoor ranges for all our products. The Brinell Hardness averages between 9 and 11. Bullets are lubed with Liquid-XLOX, a cast bullet lubricant specifically designed to coat the entire bullet unlike the blue wax that is only in the wax ring. Mfg: Colorado Bullet Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Colorado Bullet Inc.

Federal Gold Medal Grand Paper 12 Gauge 2-3/4
Federal Gold Medal Grand Paper 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Ammo - 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 1-1/8 Oz #8 Shot 250/Case

Gold Medal Grand Paper loads combine Federal Premium's classic paper hull and brass head with a special design that results in less felt recoil and harder shot for the most serious clay target shooters. Exclusive Federal Premium paper hull design Two-piece wad utilizes SoftCell technology to decrease perceived recoil and produce more uniform patterns than one-piece designs Brass head for flawless extraction and cycling Lead shot is engineered for the optimum blend of hardness and density for even patterns and maximum downrange power Mfg: FederalCheck price and Read more Detail At Federal

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