Magpul Armorer S Wrench

Magpul Armorer S Wrench

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Barnes Triple Shock X Bullets - 8mm (0.323
Barnes Triple Shock X Bullets - 8mm (0.323") 180gr Boat Tail 50/Box

This lead-free, 100% copper-constructed bullet provides extreme penetration every time. Typically, this premium hunting bullet retains 100% of its original weight even after smashing through dense tissue and heavy bone. The Triple - Shock bullet design incorporates a series of precisely positioned rings cut into the bullet's body. These grooves relieve firing pressure, allowing the TSX to be safely loaded to higher velocities while reducing copper fouling. The bonus is that this is one of the most accurate hunting bullets you can buy. Mfg: Barnes BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Barnes Bullets

Pro Mag Archangel Ruger 10/22 Quick Breakdown Stock - Ruger 10/22 Quick Break-Down Stock Poymer Black
Pro Mag Archangel Ruger 10/22 Quick Breakdown Stock - Ruger 10/22 Quick Break-Down Stock Poymer Black

The Archangel© Quick Break Down (QBD) stock converts standard Ruger© 10/22© models into a quick break down design. A patent pending stainless steel V-block clamp with adjustable toggle lever facilitates rapid but precise barrel removal and installation. Clamp system repeats zero even with receiver mounted optics. The folding stock design with integrated barrel storage enables the rifle to be stored in compact spaces; perfect for campers and survivalists. The inlet features an aluminum bed block chassis embedded in a blend of high strength carbon fiber and glass filled reinforced black polymer. 18.5" barrel minimum length is required in states that specify a minimum 26& Mfg: Pro MagCheck price and Read more Detail At Pro Mag

Hornady Digital Hygrometer
Hornady Digital Hygrometer

So, you've got a dehumidifier in your gun safe, but how can you know it's keeping humidity levels at the right point to protect against corrosion? You need a Hornady Digital Hygrometer, which measures both temperature and humidity inside a safe or security closet. Each Hornady Digital Hygrometer is equipped with a large, digital, touchscreen display and can show both thermometer and temperature measurements in Fahrenheit and Celsius. A quick-connect bracket is included with each hygrometer, allowing the unit to mount on a wall to safe shelf space. Users can also deploy a fold-out stand for use on the floor or an open shelf of their safe, if desired. The Digital Hygromete Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Spuhr Blaser Interface Rings - Blaser 1
Spuhr Blaser Interface Rings - Blaser 1" 0.75" Interface Rings

Spuhr's Blaser Interface Rings are constructed with a classic top cover on one scope ring, while the other ring features a single Spuhr Interface top cover. This innovative feature allows hunters to rotate the interface ring to orient and attach accessories they need in the field. Plus, these rings are purpose-built for use on Blaser's popular Saddle Mounts. Each pair of Spuhr Blaser Hunting Rings are machined from aluminum and feature a matte-black finish that reduces glint and glare in the field. The low rings can be had in heights of 0.75-, 0.83- or 0.91-inches, as well as diameters sized to fit scope tubes ranging from 1-inch in diameter to 35mm. Mfg: SpuhrCheck price and Read more Detail At Spuhr

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