Magazine Dent Raiser

Magazine Dent Raiser

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Brownells Certistrip - 1 Quart Certistrip
Brownells Certistrip - 1 Quart Certistrip

The most potent stripper we've found. Fast, easy-to-use. Water cleanup. Works like honest-to-goodness magic in removing those incredibly tough epoxy finishes. Minimal grain raising; requires only light sanding before refinishing. Wear rubber gloves. Use adequate ventilation. Apply with a natural bristle brush. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 1 qt. (.946L) and 1 gal. (3.78L) containers.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Egw 1911 Heavy Duty Slide Stop - .45 Acp, Ss, .200
Egw 1911 Heavy Duty Slide Stop - .45 Acp, Ss, .200"

Heavy duty slide stop is precision machined from steel bar stock, then heat-treated for superb hardness and durability. Ensures a precise fit to frame for secure, consistent lockup; prevents slop or "play" that can compromise accuracy. Available with standard .200" diameter pin or oversized .203" pin for custom fitting to ensure the tightest possible lockup for maximum accuracy. Both sizes available in blued 4140 carbon steel or stainless steel, both with a fine bead-blasted matte finish. Fine-line serrations on pad give your finger secure purchase to release the slide on the first pass. Mfg: Egw SPECS: Carbon steel, matte blued (BL), or stainless steel (SS), matte finish. Pin diameter: .200" (5.1mm) or .203" (5.2mm). Calibers listed in table.Check price and Read more Detail At Egw

Noveske Rifleworks Ar-15/M16 Quick Detach Sling Swivel - Qd Receiver End Plate
Noveske Rifleworks Ar-15/M16 Quick Detach Sling Swivel - Qd Receiver End Plate

Low-profile ambidextrous mount replaces the factory receiver end plate to allow easy attachment of a QD sling swivel to the rear of the receiver. Won't interfere with access to weapon's controls, and won't snag on foliage, vehicle, or other gear. Made of steel to allow proper staking of buffer tube lock nut on the lower receiver. Compatible with mil-spec lower receivers with M4-style collapsible stocks. Lets collapsible stocks collapse fully. Mfg: Noveske Rifleworks Llc SPECS: Steel, Parkerized, dark gray finish. Fits AR-15/M16with M4-type collapsible stock.Check price and Read more Detail At Noveske Rifleworks Llc

Brownells "special Line" Dewey-Thread Bore Brush - 8mm Rifle Brush 3/Pack

Do away with the thread adapter; Special Line brushes thread right onto Dewey Coated rods. Eliminates the need to constantly change adapters; no more hunting for a misplaced adapter. Special Line brushes have the best phosphor bronze wire bristles for long life and thorough cleaning. A one-piece, looped and wound, brass shank and coupler prevents any chance of putting a scratch in that all-important barrel. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Bristles: Phosphor bronze. Shank: Brass, looped and wound. Rifle: 3½ (8.5cm) OAL. Pistol: 2-3⁄8 (6cm) OAL. Calibers .22 to 6.5mm have 8-36 female threads. Calibers .270 to .50BMG have 12-28 female threads.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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